TSM Episode 397: PS/4 Warp

...And certainly much more advanced than ansynchronous impulse.
Aysnchronous space warp is not to be confused with asynchronous hyperdrive.

Download: Released 2016.10.10

Lusipurr is joined by SiliconNooB, Adeki, Sebastian, and Imitanis, to discuss the PlayStation 4 and whether its bevy of content and competitive price point make it an attractive consumer proposition despite its lack of asynchronous space warp.


  1. He really is.

    Also, this is one of the best shows in ages. Great to hear you all together and in good spirits. Cheers!

  2. The PS4 is definitely worth the price. The games I’m looking forward to are Final Fantasy XV (I am optimistic about this even though you guys aren’t and I completely understand why you guys aren’t) and a game called Horizon: Zero Dawn which could end up being the must have game on PS4. Overall I am very satisfied with my device and the library I have amassed. I do have an Xbone and a Wii U. The Wii U is used fairly often but the Xbone pretty much collects dust.

  3. @Apple: I use my Wii U quite frequently as well, but primarily for Virtual Console games. And, I use it less now that many of those games are on the New 3DS (although there are still quite a few SNES games which are Wii U-only).

  4. I like it when Chris Privitere is on the show. I think he talked over Lusi too much, though.

    I love my PS4. I have very few games for it so far, but that will change – I hope – soon. My plan was to start buying digital games like I Am Setsuna, and I already bought Axiom Verge. I bought the Valkyria Chronicles HD remake and Final Fantasy X HD remake, and the latter has actually been my most-played title so far (my wife and I played through that during the summer – and then stopped right before fighting Sin and I can’t get her interested again – in the playthrough, not me. Well, also me).

    There is something to be said for the PC/PS4 parity – with many of the titles available on the PS4 also on Steam. I still prefer to be away from the PC when I game. I get sick of staring at my monitor hunched over a keyboard and mouse for hours and hours. The living room is sort of an escape – except for the near-constant parenting of a 1-year-old that has taken my playtime to zero of late.

  5. @KisakiProject and @Wolfe: You may be listening to the wrong podcast. If not, thanks! I won’t let the compliments go to my head, ever.

  6. @Lusipurr Would you believe me if I told you that asynchronous spacewarp is a followup to asynchronous timewarp? I wish that was a joke.

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