Editorial: Bugs Can Not Bug a Dancer

Bugs, boy can they get annoying when they are just crawling around the house making trouble for everyone else. Sometimes they steal food, sometimes they leave a weird smile on possessions, and sometimes they can be cute (but usually they are not). Many gamers are left undisturbed by bugs as they are not known for “chilling out” in bedrooms and living rooms, instead they usually move through them in order to find the nearest food source. Although, science has done very little to research how bugs could possibly play video games, an oversight on their part. If anyone at the site knew how to do a single (or even multiple) science, studies might be done in how bugs play video games. So, because of the lack of science being done, this editorial will focus on bugs in video games.

Shame that it turned out he stole hair from the homeless.
What a kind man to host such an event.

Time to get the easy one out the way, “Pokemon,” the mega-popular franchise has been encouraging bug collecting ever since the Johto region with Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Silver, and Pokemon Crystal In order to combat the past generation’s over-powered Psychic type, the Bug type was severely amped up as there were only three Bug type moves that were actually super effective against the Psychic type. To introduce this Bug Renaissance, bug catching contests were added in Johto (and never heard from again, but more bugs were created afterwards!), where the player could compete three days a week to see which trainer could catch the most Bug type Pokemon and the winner would receive a Sun Stone! Remember that if it was not for bugs, Pokemon might have not even become the known and lovable franchise it is today! The creator, Satoshi Tajiri loved collecting insects as a child, and once more and more places became urbanized, the ability to catch bugs in Japan was limited. So, in response to this, Tajiri set forth to create games that could give his children the ability to have the same fun he had as a kid catching things! Just a little fun fact for those who are more interested within how bugs directly tie into the “Pokemon” franchise, although this is confusing given their diminutive status in the first generation.

Link can not wait to catch it and imprison it within a glass tomb.
What a beautiful, loving bug.

Next up in the list is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess which also lets the player…wait for it…catch bugs! That is correct, Nintendo must really love bugs (Japan likes bug collecting, they are a bug collecting people) because boy howdy do they like putting bug collecting in their games. So, in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Link has the option of collecting golden bugs for a girl named Agitha who in return can give Link wallet upgrades to hold more rupees. While this is a pretty fair trade since all the golden bugs have their designated areas, it also means interacting with a character in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess which is just not advisable. It is actually recommended to stay as far away as possible from the game, including its characters, play something like The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker instead. That is not to say that one game is necessarily better than the other, it is just that one has a legacy of having merchandise sold at Hot Topic while the other was criticized for being too cartoon-y and ended with a sword going into Ganondorf’s head.

Maybe if someone could just zoom and enhance like in all the tv shows.
Surely there are bugs in this area somewhere!

Last to go is a game that Adeki’s informants have described as being “chock-full of bugs” and “filled with bugs as far as the eyes can see.” The game itself is known as Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) also known as Sonic ’06, a game that Adeki does know too much about since he only plays games that are available on Nintendo consoles due to poor budgeting and decision making. However, his informants assure him that Sonic ’06 is the video game if a gamer is looking for bugs. They have not told him what bugs specifically, but he is sure that they would not lie to them and in no way is he misconstruing this information like the last editorial. Adeki likes to believe that because of how the “Sonic the Hedgehog” franchise has anthropomorphized lesser known animals, those at SEGA have done the same with lesser known bugs. But alas, he can only believe that Sonic ’06 is a game full with bugs, but has no way of knowing due to his own stupidity.

So, that concludes the editorial especially for site reader Dancing Matt. Thanks for submitting a topic for an editorial! If you like or dislike bugs, let us know in the comments below, or if you think you have a topic more deserving of a weekly editorial, leave a comment below. Either way, make sure to leave a comment below and let us know what you think.


  1. Thank you! I was thinking of more obvious games like Centipede/Millipede and SimAnt, but it was nice to read about some of the supporting roles bugs can play in games. After all, Sonic ’06 might have been wholly forgetable if it weren’t for all those wacky bugs! And I’ve only played wholly through Pokémon Blue (besides some time in X), so I didn’t realize they gave bug-types a reason to shine. There are so many bugs in so many games which often go unnoticed, and it’s nice to pay attention to them now and then.

  2. I wish there had been more scientific research into bug gaming habits. Do they prefer one particular genre such as food games, or are they addicted to shooters?

    @Adeki I don’t dislike bugs.

    a game that Adeki does know too much about since he only plays games that are available on Nintendo consoles due to poor budgeting and decision making

    Very poor.

  3. @Dancing Matt: No problem, we here at Lusipurr.com tend to shy away from the easy way out regarding games such as Centipede, but I also had no idea what SimAnt was and now I’m intrigued. Turns out when you look up “video game bugs,” you don’t necessarily get the kind that crawl on the floor and eat food crumbs. Also, try playing through Pokemon Blue again, it’s still pretty solid! :D

    @Sebastian: You too can donate (or do Nate), to fund Lusipurr.com bug-related scientific video game research. And yes, I am quite poor limiting me to only have Nintendo consoles. I am also awake.

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