TSM Episode 402: Transvirtual Hyperplay

Vomit bag and carpet-cleaner not included.
Transvirtual hyperplay promises amazing experiences like this one.

Download: Released 2016.11.14

After Australia’s shock collapse against South Africa, panelists SiliconNooB, Adeki, Sebastian, and Imitanis join Lusipurr in a discussion about Nintendo’s shabby Metroid franchise anniversary, and the potato-headed fanboys who gleefully excuse it.


  1. I’m glad you read Yeats! Also if Lusipurr fans haven’t read the King o Elfland’s daughter by Dunsany they should. In regards to being an Ntard admitting it is the first step to recovery amirite? Also I disagree with Lusi I think the WiiU was pretty terrible as a platform not just price. It just had great games in spite of their design. Hope those that passed up on it pick it up in the end though given the 3DS and likely Switch ports not sure if it’s worth it.

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