TSM Episode 403: Even Chance

Sadly, the entire eleven-novel cycle did not make it into production.
The definitive Horatio Hornblower.

Download: Released 2016.11.21

With Thanksgiving approaching, Lusipurr, Adeki, and SiliconNooB try to be thankful despite sinking Cricket teams, release date delays, and disappointing Final Fantasy XV development decisions. Bonus: Horatio Hornblower makes a special holiday appearance.


  1. Never knew about Hornblower. I’ll have to watch all these now. Lusi do you like Master & Commander? I loved it. I hear those books are also very good.

  2. I hope you people have a nice pumpkin pie these holidays (among other things). I been told that is delicious.

  3. @Kisaki: Hornblower is like Master and Commander except immeasureably better in every single way.

    @Ferchu: Welcome back, ‘chu! Pumpkin pie IS delicious. I can confirm it.

  4. As I said on the Discord, I really enjoyed the Horatio reading. I now plan to pick up a few volumes myself after the holidays, thank you.

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