TSM Episode 404: Parity

To be fair, he may have given up a long time ago, but no one has noticed until now.
Sabin gives up.

Download: Released 2016.11.28

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB rejoice in reaching podcast production parity: the culmination of years of RPGamer staff walkabouts, holidays, junkets, and sundry days-off on the occasion of births, deaths, weddings, funerals, feasts, fasting, and boredom.


  1. We have made up a SEVENTY WEEKS deficit to reach PARITY. SEVENTY (70) weeks! THAT’S ALMOST A YEAR AND A HALF.

  2. Can next episode be a pokemon sun & moon cast? Idk if it’s just me but it’s the best Pokemon to date. I’m a little obsessed. Also congrats on parity with RPGcast. Haven’t listened to them in like 3+ years.

  3. I’m glad to see a long-standing joke finally come to fruition. It is so fine now that I feel like exploring Metroid for a block of Zestria.

  4. No! Then parity and equilibrium would be off-kilter and mad wack again! It’s fine now.

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