TSM Episode 406: Positive Feedback Loop

If Nintendo can black ball AM2R and Pokemon Uranium, what's to stop companies black balling each other's own games? Look forward to some shitty flash game on iOS cleaning up as the only game in every category at the Video Game Awards 2020.
Soon, all companies will have the option to black ball awards show nominees.

Download: Released 2016.12.12

Forced to play Final Fantasy XV, Lusipurr is more than a little riled-up. When he is joined by SiliconNooB and Sebastian in the wake of the Video Game Awards, his frustration turns to rage directed at bad decisions and the fanboys who support them.


  1. If only my mobile connection had cooperated, I could have contributed more… At least I have set the bar very low for myself.

  2. Lol the watch dogs 2 discussion. Amazing. “If only there was some way of knowing that people wouldn’t identify with a technocratic San Francisco liberal elite.”

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