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Well, this is a familiar scene. As they say, everything old is new again! It has been quite a while, but once again I return to active duty as a writer on staff, though no longer for games. Even though I am not new to the site, I think introductions are indeed in order, as some of you may not have any idea who I am!

I am, as the post would suggest, Durga Syn. I was a reader for a while, and then I was a writer, and then I was neither for a while. Life, as it is wont to do, swept me into the waves of adulthood and several responsibilities kept me from doing fun things like writing and residing in trash cans. In my short previous tenure on the site, I managed to share my opinion on several things, mostly to do with games. This time, things will be a little different!

While I am very much still a gamer, and still waste much of my life on playing and replaying games (mostly replaying of late, as there have not been many games in the past year or two that really held my interest), there are several other things that hold my interest. One of them, as will be made evident in the weeks to come, is anime! Having been a simple game reviewer before, it may come as something of a shock to learn that I have other interests, but it is true.

My earliest memory of anime was a series called Bubblegum Crisis. My friend had the entire series on VHS and I spent a weekend enjoying the idea that an 80s female hair metal group could also pilot robots and fight crime. Needless to say, I was immediately hooked. From there, I rented a copy of Akira and my fate was sealed.

Since these days of very strange and dark series, my tastes have developed to include everything from sports anime to shonen, and while I typically turn up my nose at all things ecchi, if the story and comedy is done well enough I may take a look at it, provided the demand is high enough (Or if the boss demands it).

My posts will mostly consist of a weekly review of currently airing anime every season. As this season as already begun, expect my first post to be doing a bit of catching up to where they are now, but after that it will be a collection of episodes every week! Some will be shows that I choose, some will be suggestions, almost all will be picked apart and ridiculed in one way or another, but only if they deserve to be.

There may also be a post occasionally to do with favourites of mine in the medium, discussing and recommending shows that you may or may not have heard of. There are quite a lot of good anime to see out there, and I am sure I have not seen them all, so feel free to make your own recommendations as well! Try not to be too upset if I do not see them right away, or if I ridicule you for your terrible taste (If you recommend something like Attack on Titan, anyway).

With that, I leave you to eagerly await my humble and not in the least biased opinions on the current anime seasons! I look forward to hearing you disagree, and tell me why I am wrong on who is the best girl, and everything else associated with this lovely task. I left young and full of hope, and have returned more cynical, and with joints that make far more noise. Regardless, it is good to be back!


  1. (possibly) Bigger and better than ever–welcome back, Durga!

  2. I have actually lost weight! So smaller, but still larger, bigger and better, somehow. Don’t ask questions!

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