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Well, I am back. I guess you could say that “Everything old is new again” and so, I, Nathan ‘Reetin’ Spruth have returned to Now, if you do not know who I am, that’s because I did not write many articles for the site. I was the first Press and Public Relations Manager (now called the Communications Manager) a few years ago. I have returned and am now soaring to even greater heights.

While I was the Press and Public Relations Manager I was able to build a strong connection with several different companies within the gaming industry that I believe still last today with I have been away from this site for several years and have recently reconnected with Lusipurr and crew on Twitter and Discord. If you go back to the old ‘Megaphones Ahoy’ podcasts you can listen to my sultry voice on some of the later episodes before it was reworked into The Starlight Megaphone.

My background in video games is similar to the majority of people who frequent I have been playing video games since I was around 4-Years-Old. My family originally had the Nintendo Entertainment System, later we purchased the Sega Genesis, and finally we acquired the Nintendo 64. So, I grew up playing Super Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, and WCW Vs. NWO: Revenge. It was a time when I was unable to purchase video games myself so when I did get a video game, that game had to last at least 6 months before I could get a new one.

The first game I ever fell in love with at first sight was Final Fantasy III (VI elsewhere in the world). I had a friend whose family purchased him a Super Nintendo Entertainment System. While I was visiting my friend I saw his brother playing Final Fantasy III, falling in love instantly with the music, graphics, and storyline. This is why I opted to get the Nintendo 64 over the Playstation at that year’s Christmas. I thought to myself “Well, all the other Final Fantasy games have been on Nintendo systems so the next Final Fantasy will be on this one as well” I was incorrect. It was this failure of judgment which forced me to be stuck with games like Clayfighter 63 1/3 and Quest 64.

So, what am I doing with this site? I am no longer going to be the Communications Manager (though, I still argue that I was the best there ever is, was, and will be) and have moved into a new role. The new role I have acquired will be the Streaming manager. has finally embraced the idea of streaming video game content for their site and I will be streaming on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7 PM in the Pacific Timezone. I will also be taking all the uploads from Youtube of the streams and embedding them on the site weekly. I look forward to this new project and I hope that, with my help, we can rise above the competition.


  1. Welcome, Reetin! And yes, Lusi, this is far more pleasant than my morbid announcement.

  2. Yes, this is more like it: Please, someone put me out of my misery.

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