TSM Episode 412: Greed

Greed: rapacious, all-consuming, mindless, and self-destructive
Queen Brahne, the avatar of Nintendo.

It’s the Price, Stupid

Download: Released 2017.01.16

Late is the hour and long overdue the messenger when Nintendo’s Witch is at last revealed, and the English-speaking peoples of Britannia, Australia, and Her Majesty’s American Colonies unite together as of one voice in condemnation: Burn the Witch!


  1. Something about the Nintendo Switch got past me:

    The Joycon grip included with the console is not the same as the Joycon grip that is sold separately. They both look the same, but the one included with the console does not recharge the Joycons, as it doesn’t contain a battery. If you plug in a USB to it then it will still pass the charge through to the Joycons, but it cannot recharge them when not connected to a PowerPoint.

    I guess if Nintendo had included a proper Joycon grip then they would have had to charge $350 or $400!

  2. My boss is going to get the switch, he thinks the switch will be the best thing evah and that inside of the switch…. there is pascal architecture xD . I am so getting a rx470 :D .

  3. @Ferchu If your boss chooses to believe the Switch uses Pascal, with its increased efficiency, higher bandwidth, and 16nm process (vs. 28nm), then he might be surprised that the graphics look old and the battery life stinks.

  4. @Sebastian My Boss is a HUGE nintendo fanboy beyond any help, he was mad that the new zelda is going to be released on the wiiU too, ¨ if they release the new zelda only in the switch that would sell tons of nintendo switchs¨ . A lot of people would be so mad XD

  5. The Switch is a an NVIDIA Shield tablet with fancy motion controls. The Shield doesn’t use Pascal yet, and even the big desktop Pascal GPU (GTX 1080) didn’t implement second gen high-bandwith memory (HBM2) as rumored. Only the Tesla P100 is the fully realized Pascal part, and it’s a hyper-expensive workstation part. Nintendo SURELY integrated Pascal into Switch, right?? No way they just bought up existing Tegra X1 SoCs for next to nothing to place in their new system, right??

    [Fixed, because it is apparently unreasonable to expect website staff members to know basic HTML in 2017! -Lusi]

  6. @Sebastian yeah, I heard about that and it makes sense to expect maswell in the switch, not just because for the price (with pascal the switch would more expensive for sure) . N

  7. My pc went dumb there and I couldn’t finish the comment -_- .

    No idea why but there are several you tubers from spain saying that the switch is awesome, the conference was awesome, the price is cheap, the games are awesome, the power of the switch is awesome. I have no idea what they are smoking <_< .

  8. oh yeah and there are not tegra processors out there with pascal architecture yet (I could be wrong, I don’t know much about that).

    The ps4 and PC look so good for me now.

  9. Those tweets from a Nintendo sycophant were amazing. Thanks for the excellent gaming news coverage as always.

  10. I have a Fury X in my work PC (shut up I have my reasons) and the HBM2 isn’t that big of a deal compared to the memory bandwidth on my 1080s at home. Architecture is mattering more than VRAM and even clock speed at this point, and nVidia is 100% winning the architecture battle this generation. Maybe that will change, as AMD seems to have their shit together with Ryzen, finally creating a comparable CPU to Intel. Intel and nVidia have gotten fat and lazy, and are prime for a takedown. Of course, I’ve already bought into the GSync ecosystem, so now I’ve got that cost to consider even if AMD tops out in the GPU category this year.

    Also, speaking as an owner of a Shield Portable (I have a big budget for gadgets, OK? Leave me alone!), eh. I find more use in it flying a drone than I do as a gaming peripheral, even on my home network (in-home streaming just ain’t there yet, and remote streaming doubly so. Another few tech cycles, however, and I wouldn’t be surprised if consoles-qua-gaming-stations become a thing of the past next to streaming media boxes with controllers). I just don’t think the world is ready for consoles and portables to achieve some sort of rough parity. Maybe when data caps are laughably ancient history and bandwidth can handle it.

  11. @Lane You’re absolutely right about arch mattering more than memory bandwidth. HBM almost seemed like a red herring to me with Fury X, though that GPU was designed around it (first-gen HBM), of course. It was no surprise to me when it leaked that GTX 1080 would be running GDDR5X with GP104, and that GPU is much more powerful than Fury X… It’s not quite RDRAM again, but HBM/HBM2 is certainly not needed for very high GPU perf.

  12. I think once the architecture catches up it’s going to replace GDDR5(X) easily. But right now, RAM just isn’t the bottleneck for performance it once was. I can’t think of the last time my PC felt VRAM-starved. Maybe when I first played Shadow of Mordor on a 760.

  13. After listening to this podcast twice I can confirm that this episode is indeed the best of all possible episodes .

    Since we are talking about PC too, I wonder how good it would be ryzen + vega 10 coming in the near future, Intel has been lazy but Nvidia has still to present the gtx 1080ti .

  14. Ryzen does look very good, but they have only shown it perform using a cherry-picked demo. If AMD ends up at least competitive with 4th or 5th gen Intel Core parts, and offers affordable, gaming-oriented parts, they will take a lot of marketshare from Intel. Intel’s Core i3 processors have been the go-to (if you could afford $120 for the CPU) for a lower-cost gaming build, and there is a new dual-core, Hyper Threaded part coming (Pentium G4560) that’s essentially a cheap Core i3 (without AVX instructions) at around $70.

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