TSM Episode 415: Switching Off

Until the controller battery life is expended, at which point you're fucked!
Play the Switch when it is in the dock!

Download: Released 2017.02.06

Heartened by warm breezes from the sunny lands of Anime and Cricket, and aided by the metaphorical seamanship of SiliconNooB and Sebahamut, Lusipurr takes a deep breath and steers the podcast once more into the largely uncharted waters of Consumer Advice.


  1. Has anyone ever heard of The Texas Law Hawk? Because he could be Lane Inverse.

  2. When I heard of the Bee swarm at the cricket game my first thought was of TSM. Your commentary on the event was pretty fun. Thanks for offering the ever excellent commentary on the current state of all things video games.

  3. “Bees stopped recording” may be one of our future Lusipurr.com events. I do like fresh honey, and the staff work better if they are suffering from insect stings.

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