TSM Episode 416: Nintendo Dockheads

Blast processors! Blast processors everywhere!

Download: Released 2017.02.13

Captain Cook resigns as Final Fantasy XV founders and the launch of the Switch looms, causing SiliconNooB and Lusipurr to wonder whether the fortunes of English Cricket and the Japanese video game industry are intertwined as magically as the Switch dock.


  1. I totally agree about bringing back pre-rendered backgrounds. Part of why I loved Baten Kaitos on the cube was they did it when it was out of style. Too bad the battle system was pretty meh. Never got the second game.

    Also painted backdrops work great. The sci-fi channel of Dune did that and I loved it. Too bad all the sequels are dreadful.

  2. I enjoyed the discussion about the perfection of the form of 2D action-platformers and their apotheosis with PlayStation hardware and Symphony Of The Night. There are few better joys in gaming than a great 2D action-platformer. A little bit of Coleridge is always fun, too.

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