1. What’s a Hufflepuff? Is that one of the Dwarves from The Hobbit?

    We should discuss the FFXIV EU Fan Festival, and how I was totally right that the second new job was going to be Samurai, and how Blue Mage fans are objectively bad and wrong. Also, and it brings me great, great shame to admit this, but I am totally going to main Samurai in Stormblood. I have fought monsters for too long; I have become my prey.

  2. @Lane: It’s hard to explain. Think of it as a word to describe something who is functionally useless.

    Also, no FFXIV. No MMO. Begone.

  3. I don’t know. I think I would have preferred a copy with the blood. Gives it character. Books have a special quality that can build character with age, until they fall apart. Sort of like people.

  4. @RabidKitten: Maybe, but I’d have to declare the book as a hazardous substance then–and no media rate!

  5. I don’t know… Hufflepuffs are said to be hard-working. Does Adeki really qualify for this??

  6. Sebastian, saying that Hufflepuffs are hard workers is like when women say “he has a nice personality”, they don’t really mean it – they are just throwing it out there as an empty consolation.

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