Anime: Winter 2017, Week 8

It always amuses me to remember how modest Japan is in public, especially when compared with some of the adult media that comes from there.
I do not think this a problem in the states.

Hello again, dear readers. The week draws to a close, and that means that once again we will be diving into another handful of episodes! This week, some plots advance, some big reveals happen, and some episodes accomplish nothing at all. Which shows were good, and which managed to disappoint for the first time so far this season? Why ask that when there is a review coming up that reveals all of that information? So read on, dear Lusi-tards, and revel in the greatness that is anime as we reach the 8th week of our shows, and see what that means for our beloved characters.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 7

The episode starts out with what this writer is sure many people have been waiting for since the shows conception, a day at the beach. Tohru, Kobayashi, Kanna and Quetzacotl all suit up and head to the beach, bringing Quetzacotl’s new young boy prisoner along for the trip as well. The things that are expected happen, from getting oiled up and showing too much skin, to swimming races and eating crabs raw on the beach. Just an average day in the sun. A little bit more character development happens as they get in further, as Kobayashi mentions a time the last time she came to the beach, with her family when she was young. This causes Tohru to reminisce about her own family, and how much they seemed to hate humans and everything about the human world. She spends a lot of time thinking about how different the human world seems to be from what she was actually expecting. She muses that she wants to have Kobayashi visit her parents, but she is certain if she ever did, her parents would kill her immediately.

'Getting old is mandatory, growing up is optional.'
A nice way to think about it.

The second half of the episode focuses on Tohru and Kobayashi assisting Fafnir and Takiya (her friend from work) with their booth at Comiket, as his helpers apparently collapsed. This does a good job of showcasing the event itself, showing just how crazy things can get at an event like this. It is also discovered that Fafnir has begun creating his own games and manga, much to the surprise of Kobayashi (and everyone else). Tohru is blown away that humans are capable of containing their desire and not running amok, and even willing to wait in a line as long as a thousand people without a riot. They eventually also discover that, among the cosplayers present, there are also dozens of actual monsters from Tohru’s world, finally feeling safe to be themselves among all the other weirdos. All in all, the show maintains its well told story, humor and touching moments in each episode so far. This remains one of the best anime of the season, with some of the better character development and humor.

Youjo Senki Episode…6.5

A clip show? After 6 episodes, in a 12 episode series, why in Being X’s name is there a clip show? There is no need for this madness. Clip shows in general are a waste of time, and recapping six episodes is an absolute slap in the face to the people who have been watching. NUT studio, shame on you.

ACCA 13- Territory Inspection Dept. Episode 7

The episode opens with Jean reviewing everything that he is aware of concerning the rumours of a coup. Every district seems to have heard the rumours by now, and several will have probably heard that he is a sympathizer, and possibly the mediary for the coup as he is auditing every district. It almost feels as if someone set up this nationwide audit as a means to facilitate the rumours against him, or to distract from their own plans perhaps. He reviews all the people who have asked him to keep an ear out for rumours about possible coups, as well as the fact that he is being followed by his close friend for the same reason, and wonders just what purpose a mediary would even serve should a coup be on the verge of happening. Everything seems to be tied to the royal family, and how long the current ruler can survive and maintain power before his dunce of a son has the ability to take over and attempt to move his plans of dismantling the ACCA into motion. See, NUT? This is how you handle a recap. All of this information is given before the intro credits even roll. Take notes, dunderheaded buffoons.

I do not feel like this is good spying technique.
It looks like most of Niino’s spying will be done in the open now.

The episode centers around Jean’s audit of Dowa, the district that the royal family resides in. The king is off on a liesure day on the day he arrives, however, and so instead of his audit he decides to go into town and enjoy some sweets, while accompanied by Niino who seems to be doing all of his spying out in the open now. Niino muses that he will probably get scolded for doing this, but he does not seem to mind this fact. In every district, Jean has picked up some sort of bread for his sister, who seems to be obsessed with sweets in general, but mostly baked goods. This time, it is a giant piece of dough with powdered sugar on top called a snowball. There is a massive reveal at the end of this episode, that seems to be what the next episode will be about, so discussion about it will be saved until then, to give time to anybody who is actually reading this and watching to catch up. As of right now, the story in this show is the best of the series. A lot of intrigue mixed with just enough humor and pretty animation to keep interest growing from week to week.

Akiba’s Trip The Animation Episode 8

This show pokes fun at everything, even itself.
Even the show is aware of how weak the monster-an-episode formula is.

This episode opens with surprise, as Tamotsu and crew are heading into town to purchase a rice cooker. His parents sent him what looks to be enough rice to feed a small village, and upon receiving it he came to the realization that they own no cooking supplies, and that nobody in the crew really cooks. After Arisa states that she can make curry and other things, they are greeted with an impossible sight, as a man balances several boxes full of things on his head while walking in a straight line. The surprise is here, as it is revealed that this is Arisa’s old seems that this will be an Arisa focused episode, much to the delight of many it is almost certain. The journey continues as they finally arrive at the store that has a sale on rice cookers, but unfortunately for them, every single one seems to have been bought. It is at this time that they see the tower of boxes, and the master yet again. One guess as to what is in all of those boxes!

Unfortunately it seems the worst, and most predictable has come to pass, as her old master is under the control of a Bugged One who is using him to take over the Akiba district. Her plan is to buy all of the rice cookers while they are on sale, and then sell them back to people at their full price, causing mass chaos that will somehow let her take over. Makes about as much sense as every other evil plan in this show so far. Their small brawl is interrupted by the manager of the store kicking them out, and so the Bugged One organizes a tournament for them to fight, which appears to be a wrestling themed thing. The master’s entrance is a clear parody of Finn Balor’s entrance, even going so far as to nearly rip off the music he uses note for note, which should please any balloons in the audience. The episode even has some popular wrestling things thrown in for long time fans, like the Ric Flair “Woo!” every time a chop to the chest is delivered. Once again, the show signs brightest when not focusing on the whole “monsters that look human who can only be defeated by making them naked” main plot point.

I am pretty sure that is not a musical instrument.
There was no way I was not going to include this screenshot.

Masamune kun’s Revenge Episode 8

The episode opens with a narcissistic Makabe working out and then checking himself out in the mirror, when suddenly something unthinkable happens: his phone rings. Much to his surprise, Aki is on the other end and informs him that he forgot some luggage on the way back from their beach trip. Makabe thinks this may be her trying to reach out to him, and that his plan at the beach may be paying off, but Yoshino advises caution, as he is prone to screwing things up by misunderstanding literally everything that happens to him in life when it does not follow the plot of a manga. Another thread unravels, as he realizes that on the day that Neko was visiting him, she took the picture of him and Aki together when she was a little girl and he was a plump ham.

It is too bad for Makabe this is his imagination. Or maybe that is a good thing.
Clearly things are heating up here, in a surprising turn of events.

Makabe meets with Aki at a small cafe where she eats half a dozen ice cream sundaes, and discusses plans to go to a pool party that a friend proposed, but says she thinks it is too early after a trip to her little villa. Makabe, however, is ignoring her as he is lost in thought about the picture. Eventually the expected result of this happens and she storms off, leaving him to pay for her large order and his single soda. Clearly, Makabe must confront Neko about the picture, but is unsure about how exactly to go about it. It seems fate is on his side for once, as his phone rings yet again and this time it happens to be Neko on the other end. He arranges to visit her at her place, a poorly formed plan of confrontation in his head as he does so. Things really seem to be coming to a head in this episode as the plot advances forward quite a bit, with some big moments close to the end that will be discussed in next week’s episode review. Be sure to catch up before then!

With that, we once again come to the end of the week, and the end of the selection of reviews. So far, it seems as if most of the shows chosen have remained quite good, which a few slip ups here and there. While some seem to be following a pretty common formula in some says, they stick out enough in other ways to remain interesting. Things usually start to move forward at about this point in most anime, and it does seem to be the case here, with everything other than that shameful recap. Please continue to watch and read, Lusites, as the weeks to come should be very interesting indeed! Until next time, leave a comment if you want, or do not, either way keep on watching!

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