Anime: Winter 2017, Week 9

Wanting to fall in love and choosing from a pile of suitors seems pretty high collar.
This week’s episode was just a little bit depressing.

A week has come to the end yet again, and of course, that means it is time once again to dive into the week’s offerings of anime. With the ninth week coming to a close, what is in store for the characters in the season’s shows? Is there new heartbreak on the horizon for the love stories that we have? Will dragons finally realize just how tasty of a morsel humankind can be? Will the fatherland lose their newly started World War, or will they maintain their advantage? More importantly, will this reviewer make it through a single week without encountering something that causes a slap to the forehead and a roll of the eyes? Probably not, is where the money lies on that one. Anyway, let the review begin as we dive into the week, and see just where the plots of these shows have decided to end up.

Masamune kun’s Revenge episode 9

Makabe opens with a big reveal as there is panic when Neko’s room is found empty and Makabe announces loudly that he went there to formally turn her down because he was going to choose Aki instead. This does not have the reaction he desired, as Aki seems more upset that he went to Neko’s apartment alone, instead of being impressed at his devotion to her. They all band together to search for Neko, even though it seems like one would conclude she moved back out of her parent’s extra apartment, and maybe back in with her parents. Makabe is shocked to hear that Aki’s reason for searching, despite not liking Neko at all, is because she feels bad to hear she was rejected. She goes further to state that she thinks it is cruel to do that to someone, which infuriates Makabe as Aki does this same thing to every guy that has ever asked her out, with the added bonus of giving them a cruel nickname and humiliating them in front of everyone.

Neko is finally found, on the rooftop at the school recreating a scene from the manga that Makabe has been using as a script for his own romancing, which has not been working for him at all. It would seem that the two of them both have a flawed idea of what romance should be, based on books. Neko also seems to be quite weak, and the vitamins she takes every day seem to be a necessity, as being on the roof without taking her medication for so long eventually results in her passing out. After they take her to the hospital, she finally reveals to Makabe more about their past, which will remain secret here in the interest of people still watching, but it is quite a good reveal, and does a lot to compare the two characters, while at the same time leaving a desire to know more. With the other big reveal at the end of this episode, it feels like things may be headed in a weird direction, but what is a romance story without pointless conflict?

Akiba’s Trip the Animation Episode 9

The episode opens with Arisa recording a video of her opening several boxes of a card game that is apparently so influential and important, it is used to decide everything from the next American president to whether or not idol groups stay together. Her luck seems to be terrible as she does not receive even a single rare card, until Tamotsu arrives and opens the last pack and it contains one of the rarest cards in the set. This leads to the revelation that Tamotsu must be a secret card genius, and just like that he finds a new thing to obsess over for the episode.He quickly gets to building his deck, but is distracted almost immediately, as for once he is doing this activity in public at some sort of cafe that seems to be a hangout for all of the different vigilante groups in the area who are sworn to protect the district. Kind of an oddly specific thing to cater to for a bar, but then, that is nowhere near the weirdest thing in this show so far.

There was a time when severely angled faces were kind of popular. Thank Cthulhu, that time has past.
Here we see what Tamotsu would have looked like in a silly old anime about cards.

It would seem that each different vigilante group is in turmoil, as they all have a new member. More specifically, it would seem that they have all introduced an adorable female member to their ranks, and this has led to a divide between comrades. The other girls are annoyed that the guys have become so pigheaded, and the guys are all fighting with each other for the attention of their newfound princesses. It seems each has a very specific type of girl, and if it has not been figure out yet that this is just the latest terrible evil plan of a Bugged One, then viewers really have not been paying attention so far. If one is wondering how exactly this could possibly be connected to the other subplot of this episode, it does not take long to figure out, as it turns out the head of the agency supplying these princesses is a card master who for some reason cannot be beaten by physical fighting, and so Tamotsu must challenge him to cards. A flimsy connection to be sure, but there it is.

ACCA 13-Territory Inspection Dept. Episode 8

Rare footage of the birth of a stalker.
Niino receiving his first camera.

The episode opens with a flashback to when the King’s daughter was still alive, and paints a picture of her interests, mostly that they were beginning to become so much more focused on all the districts and people, and in economics and the like. The king’s advisor suggests he should put a stop to this as it could become problematic in the future, and he thinks it would be a shame to clip his daughters wing. Worried that her desire to leave Dowa could lead to discontent among the people, her father decides to have her removed from the family records and take on another life as a citizen in Badon. The episode focuses primarily on. Her death is faked, and she sets off to form a new life, aided by her white haired servant, and the father of a certain best friend of Jean’s, whose job has become to watch the princess and make sure she is safe.

After the seperation, the princess commands her white haired aide to disappear and that they will never meet again, that they must now live their own lives, even though she is greatful for his efforts in helping him escape. The bulk of the episode focuses on her life, from her love of bread, to her meeting the man she loves, and the explanation as to how they became managers of the hotel and everything else in their life. Not long after, she gives birth to a son, who by all rights should be the next heir, but since she is no longer a member of the family, it may never come to be. After some time, with Jean getting older, the son of the man who has been awtching the princess’s life and reporting to the king has grown old enough to help out as well, and he does so by befriending jean and taking pictures for him. The picturesque life the princess has built seems to be a perfect one, making the incident of her and her husband’s death all the more tragic. Unfortunately, Niino’s father was also caught in the accident, and so he must step in to take his father’s place watching over the two. The episode explains quite a bit about the character’s past, and does so in a very well told story. This is how character development should be handled. It is enough to keep interest in the show strong, even without all the other mystery involved.

Youjo Senki Episode 7 (Finally)

The episode opens with Tanya at a meeting with her commanding officers as they discuss the future plans for the war. They want a push in the west, which she dismisses as a terrible idea on troops that are already spread thin and in bad shape. This irritates some of the officers in charge, feeling like she should not undersatnd the situation better than them at her young age. She pushes the point home further by illustrating how those at the northern base want for nothing, unlike the starving troops on the western line. Eventually, she is dismissed, but later she meets with two of the officers again and the true plan comes through, the main attack being some sort of diversionary effort so that troops may land off a fjord and plan for a surprise attack. Tanya, of course, and her strike force, are now a part of this plan since she figured it out without even having to be told anything about it.

Moments before the Fire Nation attacked.
The landscapes in this show are quite gorgeous.

Her mission is to destroy several cannons that would easily destroy the landing fleet if not dealt with. The window of time for which to do such a thing is quite small, and if she cannot do it in time then the whole operation will be a failure. Her small strike force has so far proven their skill in combat, but they are still largely untested in combat. Can they handle this assault, and come out on top for the fatherland, or will this spell out disaster for her and her men? After the anger last week at a recap episode only 6 episodes in, it would seemt he show has come back in full force, once again bringing the action, intelligence and raw brutality that a war presents. Still, the studio will need to do more to make up for last week’s shortcomings.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 8

At the start of the episode Kanna approaches Kobayashi with a slip informing her that she will be taking a field trip, and that she will need a packed lunch. Kobayashi agrees to make the lunch, but Tohru says she should, since she is the best at making lunches. This personally offends Kobayashi’s great lunch honor, and so she declares that hers will be better. This leads to a three round competition to determine who can make the better bento lunch. Clearly, the excitement and action never ends when dragons are around. Kanna, Quetzacotl and Fafnir are brought in to judge, and the competition begins.

Who knew that dragons had such a good grasp on the art of Japanese lunches?
Bento boxes are serious business.

After the competition ends, another disaster strikes Kobayashi’s apartment as yet another dragon enters the show, this time a dragon named Elma is introduced. Yet again she is rather busty, and seems to be aquatic in nature. It is at this point that the show explains that dragons are basically divided into two pools of thought. First are the order dragons, who believe in keeping everything separate and orderly and never straying from tradition, and second are the chaotic dragons, who are exactly what they sound like Elma is of the Order mindset, and Tohru is of chaos. She came to take Tohru back to the world of dragons, as she seems to be breaking rules by interfering in human lives. The episode as a whole is entertaining, as all have been so far. Each character introduced seems to be pretty interesting, and the story works well on an episodic basis while still having an underlying plot and including emotional things here and there.

There you have it! Nine weeks, and we are getting close to the end of a few of the shows. How many will warrant a second season? How many will have a satisfying conclusion? The only episode that really had any issues this week was Masamune, as the added drama that literally every romantic comedy style show has just had to be thrown in there, as if the conflicts with the characters were not already enough on their own. Regardless, how are you enjoying the Winter season so far? Is there anything that really stands out? Has anything been dropped? Have these reviews convinced anyone to watch anything? Is any of this even real? Let us know in the comments below, and until next week, just remember: Everyone is just a figment of my imagination!


  1. I have not watched Masamune Kun’s Revenge since the second episode. I have not completed even the first episode of the new series of Seven Deadly Sins, and I have not watched an episode of KonoSuba in two weeks. Oh – and I started Akiba’s Trip and only watched two episodes. My anime viewing habits are as poor as my gaming habits. Piss poor.

  2. THere is hope for you yet! The season is almost over, and that means you could binge watch something all at once and not have to worry about cliff hangers. After all, who needs sleep?

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