Anime: Winter 2017, Week 10

Honestly, with how obsessed he is with his own body...
Insert cheap joke about homosexuality here.

It would appear that Friday has come once again, and that means that once again we will be taking a look at the anime of the week! Some of our shows ended with cliffhangers last week, and some seemed to be kicking off their final story arcs with a bang. Will there be good things for our characters this week? Well, to those familiar with anime, it is clear that good things are a rarity in the anime world. Hopefully most of our shows have at least a satisfying conclusion, and the road to finding out which direction they will head begins this week! Read on, Dear Lusites, and see just what the future has in store for the characters and the stories that many have (hopefully) come to enjoy. Or at the very least, not hate.

Masamune kun’s Revenge Episode 10

The episode starts with the beginning of the new term, and Aki once again flattening the hopes of another man who wants to ask her out. In the meantime, at the end of the last episode and the beginning of this one, someone claiming to be Masamune Makabe has come back, who is as chubby as he used to be, and is bearing a letter from his supposed grandfather that says he is supposed to marry Aki. This blows her away, but it was also revealed that she secretly did have feelings for him, which makes her turning him down in the cruel way that she did a curious thing. This writer has his theories about the truth of what happened in the past, and will have to wait to confirm them until the anime ends in two more episodes. Meanwhile, any plans that he or the maid had to bring the two of them closer now have a monkey wrench in them, as it seems that she immediately forgets any of her feelings for Makabe and remembers her old feelings, somehow still clinging to them for all these years, as she treats the fake Masamune far better than any other guy she has spoken to in recent history (other than the boy who looks like a girl).

Later in the episode, Makabe finds out that Neko did not transfer to another school in another country after a foreign surgery, as she had expected to happen, and was still a classmate of his, much to his dismay. It would seem he wasted the rest of the summer break training after the incident with Neko, and has barely seen Aki all summer. He decides to give her a gift to make up for this, and notices her with her new betrothed. A new, pointless love triangle at nearly the end of the anime? Clearly this is in no way a hindrance to an otherwise very decent story. Oh wait, that is exactly what it is. The episode feels slow, the conflict feels forced, and overall this change in plot. The new chubby guy seems to have enlisted the help of all the lesbians who have a crush on Aki, by convincing them he is no real threat and has no actual desire for a relationship, and is simply planning to marry her. It does not make sense at all, but whatever. The episode ends with both Aki and Makabe’s class having a vote battle to see which will get to perform Snow White for the school festival. Hopefully, the story recovers from this pointless wrench thrown into the mix.

Akiba’s Trip the Animation Episode 10

The episode opens with Tamotsu meeting with an old friend from middle school. They both discuss the ways they have changed since back then, and just as Tamotsu is about to say their friendship is still strong, he realizes that his friend somehow has a girlfriend. This crushes Tamotsu, as he still has no girlfriend He mopes heavily about his lack of a girlfriend until his sister devises a plan to trick Matome into asking Tamotsu out, knowing full well that she has actually had some feelings for him this whole time. Their “fake date” starts with a tour of Matome’s favorite restaurants, which just happen to be real places in the Akihabara District, and all get what is effectively a (really well made) commercial about them in the show. What is supposed to be a date turns into something of a tour of all the best restaurants in Akihabara, and oddly enough, this works very well in describing these places.

Anime food always looks delicious, and makes people very hungry.
An episode devoted entirely to the best restaurants in Akihabara is definitely a good idea.

After the majority of the places Matome wants to go, Tamotsu decides to take her to one of his favorite food shops, a ramen place. Unfortunately, when they enter, they find an american corn dog eating champion thought to be missing eating every bowl of ramen in the place and stopping anyone else from getting any. He had already challenged one of the local vigilantes to an eating contest and beat them soundly, but Matome decides to take up the challenge after this. Being set in the Akihabara District, and focusing so heavily on all of the shops there, it is pretty awesome how much love they actually show for this place. Each episode talks about a different aspect of either the district or the culture of the people that live/shop there. Early opinion of the show was low, mostly because the early episodes focused mostly on fan service, but the opinion on the show has raised significantly after the love of nerds and nerd things becomes more evident. Also, every episode ends with a new ending song, performed by a different artist. Each one has been pretty good, as well. If you are a huge nerd, this anime is worth checking out.

ACCA 13-Territory Inspection Dept. Episode 9

It seems the prince is not happy to have found his long lost siblings, probably because he feels they are a threat to his future plans to rule. In learning their identity and location, he contacts his aunt and informs her of this information. It would seem she has some plans of her own about the future, and also feels threatened by the knowledge of their being more royal blood than previously suspected. It seems likely she will send assassins to deal with the problem of Jean and his sister, which would fit exactly with what the prince is after. He speaks as if he wants to stop this, but actually seems happy to make excuses about not being able to. The prince’s aid, whom he had previously sent to spy on Jean’s little sister, is unhappy with the thought of this happening, and so calls the rookie officer he knows has some feelings for her to try and get her to safety. He acts quickly to try and take her some place where she will not be targeted.

Surely he would never want to be king, but that may be the best possible outcome at this point.
As one of the darkest shows this season, it is unlikely everything will have a happy ending with the direction things are headed currently.

While they travel, Jean continues his audits in the Penshi district. He is approached by the heads of the district and they say they would support him if he wanted to be king, and in fact plead with him to do so. At the same time, the officer and Lotta do their best to avoid capture, with some help along the way. A bit more information is given as to exactly why there has been so much talk of a coup, and in fact, Jean may be indirectly responsible after all. It is nice to get a taste for the remaining districts, and it is nice to get a feel for all of the different plots finally coming together. There is still a lot of confusion as to the future of ACCA, and the citizens of the country, not helped by the fact that the show ends with another big twist. So far, this has delivered quite well in build up and intrigue, as well as great character development. At the moment, this is definitely a high recommendation for anyone who enjoys more than just action or comedy in their anime.

Youjo Senki Episode 8

The episode begins with Tanya and her special battalion on the front lines once again after crushing their last opposition. They work hard to defend the Rhine district, even though supplies are dwindling for both ammunition and shells. It soon becomes evident why there are issues with supplies, as a city on the rear of the conflict has been overtaken by rebels, as well as republic soldiers. Unsure how well a fight in the city would actually go, the higher up officers inform Tanya that they will be issuing an evacuation order, and anyone who does not follow it is to be considered a Republic soldier. This means that Tanya is to kill any and all ‘soldiers’ that they encounter, and that once the mages in the city have been dealt with, their military will start shelling the city until no opposition remains. Cruel, yes, but the supply line being cut off during a time of war is something that simply cannot happen.

It feels as if even Tanya's bosses want to offer her up to God.
The very definition of creeper face.

Most all of Tanya’s unit has come to respect her, but some feel uncertain about their orders. No normal person would be okay with the slaughter of any possible combatants, if it meant also wiping out all the citizens of the city. This is clear during the fight, as several of their soldiers seem to be having trouble with their fight, hesitating before firing and questioning openly as they fought. Tanya seems to be pretty confident in both herself and her men, though she definitely seems to be losing some of the confidence that they have in her, pair this with what seems to be the whole world wanting to kill her, and it seems like she may not have much longer to get her plans of survival in order before someone, or something, with real power tries to take her out. The story in this has remained relatively interesting, and the artwork is gorgeous. The character development, however is lacking. There is definite entertainment to be had here, but a deep show this is not .That is okay, as not every anime needs to be deep and have a wonderful set of characters, but it gets hard to root for what is clearly an evil person after a while. It will be interesting to see if Tanya ever finds redemption, or if the anime becomes about her downfall, and eventual death. Either way, hopefully some questions get answered in the next few episodes.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 9

The episode centers, in the first part, around Kanna’s class. There is to be a sports activity day, where the class will compete against other kids their age ,and Kanna asks her friend from class to explain what this means to her. After hearing that it is a day where their accomplishments will be celebrated by their parents, that they will have lunch with their parents and also that their parents will praise them if they do well, she gets very excited and rushes home at the end of the day to tell Kobayashi that she must come. Unfortunately, Kobayashi is in the middle of a very large project at work, and the due date of the project is the same day as the festival. She also does not believe that it is really a big deal, as her parents never really attended her functions at school. After a while, she realizes that she actually feels guilt at not being able to go, and so decides to work late all week to make sure she can try to attend. Meanwhile, Kanna says that she understands she cannot make it after seeing her at work and seeing just how hard she was working to begin with.

Seriously, how is it so cute?
Sickening levels of cuteness.

The day of the festival comes, and Kobayashi (with her friend’s help) manages to finish all of her work in time to make it. Kanna is very pleased, despite her saying before that it was okay if Kobayashi could not make it due to work. She is now even more determined to win than before, in hopes of getting the praise that she desires so much. Also competing in the festival, but at a higher grade than Kanna, which means that Lucoa is there as well. The competition begins, with everyone there to watch as the kids do their best to bring their class to the top. The episode is an entertaining one yet again, with a surprising amount of heartwarming feelings to be had in a story about godly overpowered dragons. The animation as always is top notch, and the character development and story is as good as ever, which is always surprising in an anime that is mostly episodic. Definitely still a top recommendation for this one.

Once again, we come to the end of another week of anime. This week was mostly good, with a few small disappointments here and there. The end of the season draws ever closer, and it is evident in the way the plots are advancing for a few of our shows. It is exciting to see the final story lines beginning, and wondering what will be the final outcome. Will Masamune end up failing in his revenge? Will Tohru ever convince Kobayashi to eat her tail meat? Will Tanya find redemption, or death? Will Akihabara remain well defended, and will Tamotsu ever realize that his partner has the hots for him? Will Jean become the first king to die of lung cancer? Hopefully, most of these questions will be answered in the weeks to come, and hopefully as well, none of these anime end with annoying cliffhangers. All we can do is watch, and wait! Thank you for reading, dear Lusi-tards, and keep on watching!

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