Anime: Winter 2017, Week 11

Hopefully this show has a good ending.
Moral of the story: Do not trust lesbians.

Eleven weeks! We have made it to nearly the end for so many of our shows, even if some have stalled out and done terrible clip shows to extend themselves out an extra week. So far this season we have had lots of intrigue! Plenty of laughs! More than one terrible decision, but have they been enough to ruin the series as a whole? It is this writer’s experience that most seasons, it is lucky to find even one good show to watch. So far, it would seem that this season has had several. This comes as a shock, but brings hope for the rest of the year as well. However, it is too early to give judgement on everything just yet, as there is still at least one more week for most of these shows. Let the focus instead be on this week, and what do we have in store for ourselves this week? Well, the only way to find out is to keep reading, dear Lusites! Let the reviews begin, as it were.

Masamune kun’s Revenge Episode 11

This week’s episode, competition! Makabe and fake Makabe have both chosen for their classes to put on a production of Snow white for the school festival, and since both cannot perform the same play, they decide to have a popularity contest. Whoever’s class wins gets to be the one to host the play. Meanwhile, Makabe and fake Makabe have decided to have their own little wager, and have decided that the winning class will also determine who gets to have a dance with Aki at the festival. Makabe cannot believe that a fat loser with a charming personality could possibly win in his place, and feels there is no threat at all to his own ambitions. Meanwhile, it seems that Aki must be a chubby chaser, as she is in fact still in love with her false image of who Makabe was as a child, which confuses a few things in the plot, mostly just why she would have told him he was a pig’s foot and a fatty when he asked her out originally, or indeed if that were really her at all.

With his new mean spirited attitude, it has become harder to root for Makabe as a character, even though his ambitions seem to be not very pure to begin with. That being said, it has felt as if he were actually growing as a character, but despite this the way they have had him face his own past is a little bit stupid. Meanwhile, the reintroduction of the annoying lesbian trio as yet another obstacle with such a stupid reason for them to be helping the fatty feels really forced, and does not help move the plot forward at all. That being said, there are still amusing moments, like when Makabe actually takes advice from the fake twin, after spurning it he writes it down anyway. Meanwhile, it is revealed that fake Makabe is in fact, not actually Makabe! Go figure. Instead, he comes from a poor family and is only trying to marry Aki for her money. Which makes rooting for him just as impossible, and it seems as if no matter what Aki is going to end up with a real loser. While working out, Makabe seems to have come down with a cold, because he went too far in proving to his mom that he was perfectly healthy. This leads to more trouble from the lesbians, causing even more fabricated drama. Which class will win? Well, to find that out just watch the episode! Nearing the end the hopes for the resolution of everything are not high, but hopefully there is at least an ending, and not a cliffhanger leading into either another season or just having to read the manga.

Akiba’s Trip the Animation Episode 11

The episode begins with the team practicing their idol performance for the upcoming Akiba Festival, bringing back the outfits and song fromt he episode where they became The manias. After some more product placement for Carl’s Jr. Tamotsu gets to work hanging up posters for the Akiba Festival, as his primary job for the show will be as an errand boy considering he probably does not look very good in an idol dress. It would seem that this year’s festival is being put on by otaku for otaku, and that has Tamotsu quite excited to help out. Meanwhile, all over town strange things seem to be happening to the nerdy shops and famous locations, from figurines disappearing, to famous trees being chopped down. Every one of these events is left with a calling card, that seem to be using the Electric Mayo name. Of course, this leads to the crew being locked up and accused for the crimes against the district. It would seem that someone has been impersonating the crew and committing terrible acts against nerds while using their name, and now it is up to the crew to track them down.

Really, most of what they do makes no sense, but that is half the fun.
A statement that applies to pretty much the whole show.

Considering that the premise for this show is so light, it is quite amusing to see just what they have done with it. With a concept like “make monsters naked to defeat them” there is not a lot that could be done, so it makes sense to try and directly appeal to the audience. The show does that quite well, each episode appealing to a different group of “enthusiasts”, from audiophiles to idol fans and everywhere in between. It is no surprise then that the final arc seems to be about an all out attack against otaku, and the inevitable fight there will be for those rights, as the city council decides to ban all nerd culture from the district, claiming that otaku are nothing but dangerous porn addicts. The lady running the council is very clearly a Bugged One, and has more sinister plans on the way, if the episode is to be believed. What will become of the district, and if the district falls apart, what does that mean for the team? Hopefully the ending is amusing, and as one of the only shows this season not to be heavy and depressing, hopefully it is a happy one.

ACCA 13-Territory Inspection Dept. Episode 10

In the episode’s beginning, it is revealed that Lilium, a character that has for the most part seemed to be the light hearted, friendly character who is on Jean’s side, has been manipulating Grossular and the coup rumors in a way that fit his own plans from the very beginning. It is odd to think that one so strong willed as Grossular could be swept into someone else’s schemes, but nonetheless that does seem to be the case. It would seem that most of his planning is so that his own family and district can take control of more power and land, but it is unclear yet just how such a thing will come to pass. The rookie officer attends a gathering of Jean’s coworkers and sister, who all seem to be doing their best to protect her now. After a brief phone call with his sister, who asks him to stay safe without revealing too much of what has happened to herself, Jean continues his audits in the new district. The last district did their best to show they supported Jean if he were to decide to make a claim for the throne, and it seems that several of the districts are of the same mindset, which makes sense considering the current heirs views about ACCA as a whole, Namely that he would like to tear it all down as he feels it is completely unnecessary.

Odd coloured hair seems to typically mean either hero or villain in anime.
Bad news every episode for the last few.

Jean visits the poorest district, but one that seems to be quite happy regardless of their situation, Pranetta, in the episode. He learns about the mining district, and that the main reason they live so simply is because they are focused primarily on achieving their dream, which is to find something int he mines. They have had little success in this, but seem to be content to live their days digging for the possibility of wealth and making due with only tv as their simple pleasure. After returning home, Jean and his sister finally talk about the attempted kidnapping she faced, and he seems worried, while explaining to her the truth of their heritage. In all, this show has remained very interesting from day one. Each episode has had an air of mystery around it, from what will happen in each district, to what will happen with the nation as a whole. Most importantly, the main characters have remained interesting enough to really keep the show moving forward. With barely any time left, it is exciting to see where the show will be headed after things wrap up.

Youjo Senki Episode 9

It would seem the plans of the government are moving forward as quickly as possible, as they seem to be planning to move many of their forces out of some locations in an attempt to have one big, all out push for victory. They believe that by pulling their own forces back, they will draw in the enemy forces for a surprise attack and be able to flatten their main unit. Tanya’s unit will be the rear guard for the feigned retreat, which will probably be their most dangerous mission to date. With the men’s faith in her faltering, and after the frayed mental state they faced after the last mission, it will be tough to rally them for something so dangerous. Sure enough, the plan leads to the death of several men in the unit. The aftermath shows several different soldiers wounded in varying states of distress and death, while Tanya’s second in command does her best to keep the spirits of the men up.

It will be interesting to see how well being strapped to a giant bomb works out.
The glorious return of the crazy religious scientist.

The attack requires some new tech, and a new strategy, as the final part of the plan seems to be to once and for all take over the enemy HQ. To assist with this, the scientist that designed Tanya’s special gem has been contacted yet again, and it seems he is just as nutty as ever. He has designed an aircraft designed to break the sound barrier in terms of speed and power, a feat Tanya is convinced cannot possibly go well in their day and age. Regardless of how she feels, it seems that they are going to be forced to use them either way. The episode draws to a close with the majority of the attack under way, and for the most part it seems that things will be working out. The final outcome will have to be saved until next week, however! Hopefully this show does not end on a sour note, as so far it has been mostly good, despite the middle of the road bump that came early on. How will it end? Will Tanya finally find her faith? Will she be killed and lose her rights to reincarnation? Hopefully there is an actual end, and not a cliffhanger as happens so often with shows like this.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 10

In the land of dragons and maids, it would seem that today is Christmas time. The whole city is flush with decorations as Tohru and Kanna go shopping, and the people seem in high spirits. The man who runs the butcher shop seems to have hurt himself while practicing for some Christmas performance, and asks Tohru if she will put on a show in his place. After telling her that she is the heart of the district, she seems flattered into agreeing with him. Since Kobayashi has a lot of work to do, Tohru plans to put everythignon herself, with the help of the entire secondary cast of the show. Since he apparently cannot act, Fafnir is originally chosen as the director. Unfortunately, his directing is too harsh for most people and so he is retired and the fish dragon takes on the responsibility of directing. As the play comtinues to be planned, they decide that the regular play is too boring, and plan to spice things up with their own ideas, adding from other myths and their own ideas.

It is odd to think a dragon capable of Armageddon would be so into video games.
Fafnir has traded his bloodlust for… virtual bloodlust.

The play is rather amusing, as every episode so far has been, and it is great to see Fafnir taking on a bigger role than he has had so far, and it did a good job of showing that people can be accepting of things they don’t understand, even if they are weird and shiny. The play for the elderly seems to go quite well, and they are all impressed by the effects and the cast. watching everyone come together and enjoy their new friendships, while enjoying the holidays and at the same time showing that maybe humans are not as bad as the dragons seem to think is refreshing, especially with how moody some of the shows this season are. If one is looking for a happy show that does not seem intent on destroying the hopes and dreams of a happy life, this is a good place to look. With the holiday episode out of the way, it will be interesting to see what they decide to do for a finale.

And there it is, the end of another week. This time the episodes were much less disappointing, and the strong shows remained strong. Hopefully everyone is excited for the end of the season, and has been keeping an eye on the next season! If anyone has been paying attention, and would like to request a specific show be added to the next season’s reviews, feel free to make a suggestion in the comment section. There is even a good chance that someone may read and take that comment into consideration! Meanwhile, we can all look forward to the end of this season, and seeing just what that entails for all of our favorite characters. Until then, thanks for reading, and keep on watching!

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