Anime: Winter 2017, Week 12

This whole scene is actually pretty amusing.
After all this time, still so jaded.

This is the week. The week that all of our shows should be ending, but only a handful of them are. We have hit the twelve week mark! The season has, for the most part, been quite an entertaining one, much to the surprise of this author. Many surprises were in store, some of them quite good and some of them terribly disappointing. Nevertheless, the show must go on, at least until it does not go on anymore. Such is the case this week, as a couple of our shows meet their end. Do they bring it all in for a satisfying conclusion, or do they leave the viewers heartbroken and disappointed, wondering why they even bothered with such a travesty of a show? Well, to reveal such information in the intro would be stupid, so let us go ahead and dive in, and see just what the week has in store for us.

Masamune kun’s Revenge Episode 12

The episode opens with a shock, as Makabe learns that the other class plans to put on their version of snow white, despite their prince still having been nowhere to be seen. He is still feeling ill, and can barely stand but rushes to see Aki going on even knowing they have no prince, and is amazed to see her performance. After seeing that they plan to end on a sad note, and just have Snow White end up dead, Makabe cannot take it, and decides that he will have to take the roll of the prince for their class. He is still sick, and barely on his feet, but he manages to get his costume and make his way on stage. After a bumbling performance, he finally makes his way over to Aki, and instead of pretending to kiss her, plants a deep and hard (and probably sweaty) kiss on her lips. This of course catches her off guard and she sends him flying, but the play is nevertheless a success.

The episode cuts away shortly after this and goes to show that Aki’s class not only won the competition for getting to do their performance during the festival, but also placed number one among all the classes that put on a show. Makabe’s class just happened to finish dead last, mostly because they were forced to cancel their own production and so they had nothing to put on. Both classes ended up at the same karaoke bar to celebrate, and so of course it turns into a competition where they take turns singing the different theme songs that have appeared in the show so far. Makabe is apparently terrible, as he puts on the final and worst performance by far, once again costing his class any chance at victory. There is a silver lining however, as it seems that he did end up closer to Aki after everything. Unfortunately, it does seem that this anime is ending on a cliffhanger, so all that viewers can do is hope for a second season or read the manga. All in all, this show was not bad as far as romance/comedy anime go. It checked the boxes necessary to be interesting, while maintaining a humorous tone throughout. There were drawbacks, such as the forced love triangle towards the end, but fortunately it did not detract too hard from the story. However, since the anime does not end, it is impossible to give it a good recommendation until it is certain whether or not there will be more. As it is right now, if viewers have a burning itch for a good romantic comedy, this will scratch that itch.

Akiba’s Trip the Animation Episode 12

The episode opens with tragedy, as Tamotsu seems to have lost all his power. A massive ban of all otaku has gone into effect over all of Akihabara, and now a group of Bugged Ones has plotted against Electric Mayo, with a member who happens to look exactly like Matome. Tamotsu was tricked into getting his powers stolen, and has only just awoken at the beginning of the episode. From the start, it is clear to see the effect the new Akiba ban has had on the district, as Electric Mayo head out to help Tamotsu recover his energy and find the restaurant they are at, which is normally bustling with nerdy business, to be completely empty. To make things worse, just as Matome is telling Tamotsu that he cannot help out anymore now that he is human and would only be in the way, A bunch of representatives from a massive American company show up and tell Arisa she must come and take her place as CEO of the company. She refuses at first, but after being told of the former CEO’s illness, she begrudgingly agrees that she must leave. This, it seems, is the final straw for Tamotsu as he finally realizes that he is ueseless without any powers and so he finally leaves the district.

Who would not follow a man like this into battle?
The king of all otaku.

After Tamotsu leaves, the rest of the district is torn apart slowly and it is revealed that Matome’s sister and grandma are leaving the group that is trying to tear them apart, using different government laws. Tamotsu is overtaken by his grief and self loathing, and so does nothing to really to help out as things are falling apart, despite everyone reaching out for his help. His sister does her best to motivate him, but he refuses to budge from his bed. Finally, after watching the news and seeing in the background that Matome is in danger, Tamotsu is motivated to jump into action and do his best to come back and save her. It would seem there will be one more episode of this, so any more information will have to wait until next week, as well as a final opinion on the anime as a whole. That being said, so far the episodes seem to be getting better as they stray further from the fanservice premise and focus more on otaku culture. Hopefully the finale ties things together in a satisfying way.

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. Episode 11

From the start of the episode, viewers are greeted with the sight of flowers in bloom and bright colours, as Jean finally gets to the last district that he is supposed to audit, the Furawau District. The first family to greet him in the district all look exactly like the man who has now come out as the primary conspirator who is running things, and that is because they all happen to be his family. This leads to an ominous feeling as Jean sets off to do his audit of the district and its citizens. Throughout the early part of the episode it is clear that Jean is being tailed, and he is getting an odd sense from the citizens from the district, as it seems as if they are all constantly smiling in a way that seems to throw him off. After his dinner with the family of the district head, they present him with another cigarrette, which has become the sign that a district supports him if he decides to make a move for the throne. He suspected that they were the ones who were leading the coup de tat effort, and so was not surprised to be presented with this.

Apparently, all of their money comes from oil, surprise surprise.
Everyone knows flowers are the ultimate sign of evil.

After he leaves their house, the men who have been trailing him pull a pistol and take aim, prepared to gun him and anyone who gets in his way down. Niino, who has been following him this whole time, jumps out to save him from the bullets. He takes a couple himself, and is injured and put into the hospital. This seems to be the final straw, as jean decides that he will in fact support the coup and his own being put on the throne, even though it seems clear he has no desire to be king. The feel that there are a few more twists left in the final episode of this show are pretty heavy, as Jean has shown that he is quite good at his own plans and schemes, and may just do something that none of the people who are wanting a coup expect, and also something that none of the people in the royal family expect. Now that the royal family is openly attempting to murder him, it must be clear to him that he must take action. So far this anime has been one of the most interesting of the season, hopefully the finale is a strong one.

Youjo Senki Episode 10

The episode opens with the man who Tanya stole her new machine gun from, who she left for dead, still very much alive. He was apparently also contacted by “God” and is now on a mission to kill Tanya, and has also apparently been gifted with his own divine weaponry. It seems that the shifting of the line for their counter attack was a success, and Tanya and her small group have survived their new aircraft travel into enemy territory. The real battle begins now, as the enemies will hopefully believe that they had decided to retreat and must be followed and bottled in. Meanwhile, the leaders of the military are meeting with the other leaders of the country, who all seem quite displeased wit the fact that moving the line of defense has resulted in the industrial cork of the city being close enough to fall under fire, worrying them that the industry of the country may be destroyed if an attack should happen now. Fortunately, it seems that Tanya and her men have met with success, totally destroying the enemy’s main base of operations, as well as their main supply of ammunition.

Considering the season is almost over, one sincerely hopes so.
Could the end of the war really be in sight?

To make matters worse for the Empire, while the men are sitting around getting bored and waiting for some action to come, as if to answer their talk another operation is carried out that results in the whole right flank being destroyed by bombs tunneled underneath of them. This also does not seem to be the end of the military schemes, as they lay out their plans for the final strike that will supossedly bring an end to the whole war. With the right flank being completely wiped out, the tanks from the Fatherland are able to completely surround the ground troops remaining and begin wiping them out en masse. Will the operation be a success, as Tanya’s troops are sent to play clean up, or will there be some sort of surprise to stop everything from going as planned? With one episode left this season, one can only hope that there is not a major cliffhanger to finish off the season.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 11

The eleventh episode rings in the end of the year in the land of dragons, as they do their daily shopping in the district that Tohru has become something of a celebrity in. In attempting to win them a hot springs trip, she instead wins them a kotatsu table. While at first Tohru seems disappointed that she did not win the grand prize of a trip to the hot springs, eventually it becomes evident that the kotatsu is a fantastic prize, and something that should be present in every household. Indeed, everyone should locate one and purchase it for comfort during the holiday seasons. Meanwhile, Tohru sets about in preparing traditional New Year’s dishes, all while the enjoy the kotatsu as much as possible. The planning goes well, and the neighbors in their apartment building each bring by a gift to celebrate the new year. After all the food is made, the crew all gather to pay their visit to a shrine and meet up with important side characters.

Japan has the best furniture.
Seriously, get a kotatsu.

After the shrine visit, everyone heads over to Kobayahi’s apartment and they all continue the party there, each enjoying the meals provided or sleeping the night away, and all rising together to watch the first sunrise of the year. After this, Kobayashi gets a call from her mom, and they discuss how she is doing, which for the first time in a long time she sounds happy and that makes her mom happy. All in all, the episode flowed as you would expect for a holiday episode, as New Years is a common theme for anime. As has been the case so far throughout the show, the character growth has been fun to watch, and the story has remained good. With that, we once again reach the end! Surprisingly few anime actually came to an end this week, it seems that the majority will either end next week or continue on into the next season. Hopefully, whatever is in store for us next friday is good news. Until then, thank you for reading, and keep on watching!


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