Anime: Winter 2017, Week 13

But how large are his hands?
An arrogant man who was born into money that nobody seems to want in power, yet is going to get it whether we like it or not.

This is it, dear readers. We have finally reached the end of the Winter season! The week marks the final post that will be concerning the Winter season of anime, and we have much to cover! It has been a fun ride so far, but all good rides must eventually end. Fortunately, this is not the end of all things, only the end of this one. So dry your tears, dear readers. There will be more seasons of shows. Maybe, if readers are lucky, there will even be terrible anime that this writer is forced to sit through. Either way, there is no point in putting it off much longer. Let the final Winter reviews begin, and let us see just what is in store for the finales.

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.Episode 12

The episode opens with the king in his bed, still looking ill as his adviser reveals that even he is a part of the plan, as he has sent his nephew to a place that makes the whole coup possible. At the same time, all of the leaders of ACCA are meeting to plan out the events as they will unfold, and even Jean is present as he voices his concerns about moving things too quickly. Meanwhile it appears that Nino is recovering enough that he can stand, though he does need a crutch to support himself. Everyone comes together, from every branch of ACCA to enact the final stages of the coup, and to prepare for the big ceremony the following day. The story of what happens during the festival is an interesting one. Much like the rest of the show, it does not try for anything flashy or any kind of crazy spectacles, but it is smart, the characters handle the situation perfectly, and the end result is satisfying. The same could be said for the entire season, really. While it was not the most flashy anime of the season, it was smart the whole way through. The characters were all masterfully developed, the intrigue was never missing, and the story never faltered or slowed down in a way that was displeasing. Each moment of character development was necessary, and added much to the end product, which was also satisfying. After the ceremony, the show has a typical “what are they up to now” segment that talks about the fate of ACCA, every district, and the royal family as a whole. It is nice to actually have an ending, when so many shows seem to leave things hanging on whether or not there will even be another season. All in all, I would recommend this show to anyone who is a fan of political intrigue, mystery and well developed characters. The art is also amazing, and the cast fit perfectly for each character.

Akiba’s Trip the Animation Episode 13

Not to say that is a bad thing.
Basically, the end of every episode of this show.

The episode opens with most of the side characters in the resistance being loaded up to be taken to some execution site. Tamotsu’s sister and the mad scientist, along with Arisa manage to arrive just in the nick of time to set them all free, and gather them together to do more resisting. When questioned about where Tamotsu and Matome are, the crew say they are off looking for the final boss. Shortly after this, Matome reveals to Tamotsu that it is her grandmother who is at the head of the group that is trying to overthrow all of Akihabara, and who got the Akiba ban passed in the first place. This reveal kind of comes out of nowhere, as Tamotsu himself points out, but that is par for the course in this show at this point. Apparently her family has been protecting Akihabara for a long time, but feels like the district has been corrupted by human greed and must be cleansed, and so she must be stopped before she does anymore harm.The episode plays out more or less exactly how one would expect, with a good showing from the side characters, the enemies and the villains alike, and an overall love of nerd culture that was the best thing about this show shining through to the very end. THe characters themselves were not overly developed beyond their one note personalities, the plot was pretty generic the whole way through, and the whole idea of the show was such a shallow one, that the real shining moments became all of the appeals to otaku culture that were made throughout everything. This show excelled when showing a knowledge of all things nerdy, and dragged a little when focused on the main “get the bad guys naked” plot. All in all, it was a fun watch, if the initial experience in the first couple episodes was a bad one it definitely improved the further in the show progressed.

Youjo Senki Episode 11

A forced rivalry that should not have continued as long as it did, but there you go.
The final showdown between rivals.

The episode begins with the last few minutes of the previous episode, with the empire’s major plans under way quite successfully and Tanya and her men on their way to assist with finishing it all off, but on the way they have fallen under attack by a battalion of mages including the man whose gun she now carries that she once left for dead. Immediately things start poorly, as she loses a soldier within moments of them showing up, and it becomes evident that the man she left for dead has the power of “god” on his side, just like Tanya. It seems that his faith is real, however, which should mean that he has some sort of advantage. Unfortunately for him, Tanya has the added bonus of plot armor, and in the end comes out victorious. With her soldiers in a bad state, and her also being nearly dead, they finally get the call that the battle is won and clean up can begin. For Tanya, she believes this to mean the end of the war, and indeed the republic agrees to give up their capital without much of a fight. This makes Tanya a little skeptical, and indeed when she hears that it is an armistice, she knows that the troops are retreating to continue the war from another location. Despite her protests and her warnings, the top brass deny her call to action and prevent her from moving while the troops are still preparing. She decides to take matters into her own hands and take her men on the assault anyway, until an armistice order is issued for all troops and they are all told to stand down. This episode has some of the best action of the entire season so far, and as always the animation shines through. The story of Tanya’s rival wraps up nicely, though it felt a little unnecessary on top of everything else. At the time of this review, it is unclear whether or not this is the actual last episode of the series, or if there will be one more this season, as it feels as if there is more to be seen here. Hopefully there is a wrap up, but as of right now it looks like at least on Crunchyroll this will be the end. All in all, this anime has taken a few bad turns, mostly because of delays that forced them to make a clip episode halfway through, but the story has been good, the animation is gorgeous, and the characters (character, mostly) are pretty well developed. If one likes action and psychopaths, this may their alley.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Episode 12

It is nice to see an animation studio tackle a style of animation they do not usually do.
Tohru’s imagination gets a little out of control sometimes.

As with every episode so far, the premise to this one is rather straight forward. The trio are at home getting ready to start their day when Tohru asks Kobayashi what they should have for dinner. Kobayashi asks her if there is anything she wants to eat, and she suggest omurice, so Kobayashi says that sounds good and that she is counting on Tohru to make good ones. Tohru does the bulk of her normal chores for the day and then sets about practicing making the perfect omurice. After trying several times and continuously coming out with average results, Tohru decides to refresh her ingredients by going shopping. The store has high quality ingredients, but unfortunately it seems that the Kobayashi household is over budget. Finally, Tohru decides that she has no choice but to get the ingredients from her own world, and teleports there. This may have set in motion the events that will occur in the finale next week, but as of right now it just allows for her to make a delicious omurice with some questionable looking ingredients. As always, the character development is nice as in this episode we get a flashback that shows the first meeting of Tohru and Kobayashi (told as a dream by Kobayashi as she rides the train home), as well as the only human that Tohru ever cared about in her own world before coming here and meeting Kobayashi. The strongest element of this show by far is the characters, with comedy being a close second. It is great to see all of the conflict of man vs dragon being solved in such silly ways, and it is nice having heartwarming moments every now and again between this all happening. I definitely recommend this show to anyone who likes anime in general, as it has something just about anybody can enjoy.

And with that, we finally reach the end. The real end this time, not just the end of this review. That is right, this week marks the end of the winter anime season, which means that next week will be the beginning of the Spring anime season! We have had quite the journey, with mostly good luck so far. There have definitely been disappointing moments, but for the most part every anime this season delivered what most would expect them to, and it is hard to say that anything this season was necessarily “bad”. Of everything, the highest recommendation goes to Miss Kobayashi, as it hits every box from animation to action to comedy and did not disappoint with a single episode. Masamune kun’s Revenge was rather generic in the end, but it still had a few original ideas and sometimes a good generic romance story is exactly what someone is looking for. Youjo Senki had some disappointing moments, but all in all was quite entertaining to watch, especially with the amazing animation. ACCA 13 would be an acquired taste, something only for those that enjoy a really smart show with a good amount of intrigue. Akiba’s Trip started out very stupid, with far too much fanservice, but over the course of the show it really started to shine as a beacon for otaku culture, and there were some pretty good character moments as well. All in all, the season was not a dissappointment, which is amusing to this writer as he had so much trouble deciding on anime to watch int he first place. We have, however, reached the end. Did any anime stand out for you this season? Are you looking forward to anything next season? Suggestions are always welcome! If you leave a comment about your idea, perhaps it will get added to the watch list. Otherwise, thank you for reading, and keep on watching!

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