TSM Episode 424: Every Single Persona 5 Secret Revealed

...and KNUCKLES is the final boss!
SONIC is actually the best Persona in the game!

Download Link: Released 2017.04.10

In defiance of Sega and Atlus, the podcast panel reveals every single Persona 5 secret, beginning with the protagonist’s final words referring to his childhood sled, and ending with the shocking death of his beloved professor and headmaster.


  1. Excellent episode! I cannot remember the occasion, but I feel like Atlus has made other ridiculous statements regarding streaming in the past. That said, I am enjoying Persona 5 tremendously!

    On another note, I read that a recent poll regarding desired FF characters in the next Kingdom Hearts ended with Noctis at the top of the list. The similarities between FFXV and KH have been discussed previously on the podcast, but here’s even more indication that the customer SE wants is the FFXV/KH-lover we all love to hate.

  2. @Billy I agree with you. SE seems primarily interested in making choices from a strictly monetary standpoint, and if they see KH as the means to greater profits, they will exploit it until the well dries up. Sadly, this will include FFVII‘s remake.

  3. @Billy Thanks for the undeserved compliment!

    SE only likes KH right now, because they have determined that the KH fanbase–who have received few games–will buy anything even remotely like KH. Meanwhile, the FF fanbase have been receiving remakes and re-releases at the rate of twelve a day for the past ten years, so there’s a lot of consumer fatigue there.

    Of course what SE haven’t quite worked out is the concept of consumer fatigue itself–that if they keep releasing huge quantites of crap, people stop buying it. So when they go into full-on KH-everything mode, they will bore that audience into disinterest as well. And then what? More Mana games? More Saga games? No doubt it will be time for a swath of remakes designed to recapture the interest of the burgeoning Bushido Blade fanbase.

  4. @Lusi: Of course! Saga and Mana is what the people want [and certainly not Chrono and Xeno]!

    We will never get sequels to Chrono and Xeno – but that’s probably for the best.

  5. It occurred to me while listening to this today that a big reason I routinely listen to this show (and have for several years without fail) is the candid, no frills discussions about the industry. Anti-consumer practices are always at the forefront of conversation and at no point are excuses made or fanboying clouding the judgement of the primary speakers.

    There is seriously no other show out there that takes to task these big companies and it is appreciated.

  6. Companies have slick, multi-million dollar PR campaigns, armies of brainless internet fanboys, bought-and-paid-for journalists only too happy to shill for their dev buddies, and teams of lawyers ready to push the envelope well beyond the remit of law.

    Consumers, on the other hand, get the square root of jack. So, that’s why we do our best to defend the consumer.

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