TSM Episode 426: Stable Mode

Wait. No. Something is wrong here.
Stable mode: ACTIVATED.

Download Link: Released 2017.04.24

Square Enix finally invents Stable Mode: perfect for when video game horses are not getting sufficient quantities of oats and lack routine brushings and washings–or when one needs a burly groom to saddle up an alternative means of petrol-free transport!


  1. I might play a little of the NES version, but have little time for FFIII right now. Great game though. I honestly enjoyed the DS version, which came at just the right time.

    A question for the fans of English cricket fans here: How good is Gloucestershire on county-level cricket? An ancestor of mine was from Cirencester, so it set me a-wondering.

  2. @DM: Aw, c’mon Dancing Matt! It’s over four weeks and I completed the game across a mere four *streams* last summer! It should be a piece of cake to keep up!

    Gloucestershire is a second-division team in the County Championship (I’m afraid I don’t know much about their limited-overs sides). They are currently in the middle of the division table, at position 5 (of 10). If you want to watch their fortunes, here is a link to the league table:


  3. I will give it a try, and see how it goes. Playing the NES version for the first time might turn out to be compelling enough, but my time for gaming is still limited. As a loyal reader and supporter, I just wanted to lay that out there. And thanks for the cricket info – it helps having a team to follow if I could get more into the sport.

  4. @DM: You can listen to all of the County Championship games live and for free on the BBC Cricket website, including those which Gloucs plays. There is also an ECB Cricket app (also free) which allows you to favourite teams, sides, etc. You can have it ping you with updates and show you when they are playing, what form, where at, live scores, etc.

    County Championship games typically start on Fridays and run through Monday, with the start of play at 0600 US Eastern time, and usually ending by 1400 US Eastern. There are breaks, of course, for lunch and tea. Enjoy!

  5. Wow! Actually, with my work schedule as it is now, I can probably catch some of those games. It would be rad if there’s app by which I can watch them through PS3 on the television, but this is great. No excuses now.

  6. @DM: Only selected games end up on the TV, and these seem to be at random and at grounds that also host international matches–typically one a week. Moreover, they are only carried on Sky, which requires a sports subscription held by someone in the UK and, if abroad, a VPN service capable of streaming high-definition video across the globe. Luckily, I have those things! However it is rather a lot of hoops to jump through if one is only just getting started.

    SO–all of the games are covered by BBC radio, and the County Championship games are not geoblocked. Listen anywhere and enjoy!

    Note: this coming weekend is the beginning of the Royal London One-Day Cup, so the County Championship game will take a backseat to white ball (limited overs) Cricket for a few weeks.

  7. Q: What did Nintendo say when someone asked if Breath of the Wild will have STABLE MODE?
    A: Neigh!

  8. Will be looking forward to the FFIII playthrough. I played through the DS version a few years back so I’ll probably do the NES version this time with translation. The spells per day and capacity should be an interesting change.

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