TSM Episode 427: Toast XL

All Sing: 1DS, 2DS, 3DS, TOAST!

Download Link: Released 2017.05.01

Even Lusipurr is shocked when Nintendo decides to switch tack from supporting the recent release of the Switch to focusing on the upcoming (re-)release of the 2DS, now in a kid-unfriendly hinged edition ready to be snapped in half by toddlers worldwide.


  1. This podcast sure does go down easy with a refreshing glass of 7-Up.

  2. Just when you think Nintendo is finally starting to get it, they pull a stupid stunt like this. Yet another reason I’ll be waiting on the Switch.

  3. Switch sales are dropping and supply is up and stable. There should be a price cut by the end of the year, unless Nintendo think that Mario+Christmas will result in enough console sales. In which case, early next year.

    Or, they could do the Wii U approach again, and not cut the price, and then the whole thing will be dead inside of two years.

  4. It is times like these that I really wish Nintendo was a third-party. They clearly have no idea what they’re doing with hardware at this point, and pushing them to focus solely on software could do them a lot of good.

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