TSM Episode 434: E3 2017, Part 2

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is still on course for release.

Download Link: Released 2017.06.19

Lusipurr, Adeki, and Imitanis take on the task of reviewing the second half of E3 2017.


  1. Last year I had more time than money; this year the problem is reversed. But still, c’mon guys. Do Nate or Donate is not an idle threat, it’s a binding contract as a reader of the site.

  2. I really lost it during the wordplay segment. The ‘Kamehameha’ to top it off was too funny!
    Be on this show more, Adeki!

  3. @DM: Threaten them into submission! Do it!

    @Fiona: I agree. Yell at him until he complies. COMPLY!

  4. How much money is needed to complete all of the milestones? I’m not really one for selecting this and that, just need a dollar figure if that is possible.

  5. @Clinton: 25 entries are still open at $10 each, which makes $250 needed before the end of the donation drive on 29 July.

    You need not select characters (if you don’t select characters, they will be assigned randomly from those remaining) or games (if you don’t select games, I will select them for you based on what I should most like to play).


  6. I’m wondering, what is the largest single/cumulative donation at now?

  7. @Dancing Matt: YOU have the largest single donation, meaning it is now the DANCING MATT Literature Sanctuary!

    However, Imitanis is exactly $150 ahead of you, cumulatively, so it remains the IMITANIS Entertainment Moment. Sorry!

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