TSM Episode 437: Jonah

Do not play Star Fox Adventures, lest a storm deprive you of streaming capability.
Go to Ninevah as instructed, lest a whale swallow you.

Download Link: Released 2017.07.10

Lusipurr, Sebahamut, and SiliconNooB are joined by Imitanis in the aftermath of a tremendous storm. The tale of Jonah features prominently, suggesting that daring to play Star Fox Adventures may be the metaphorical equivalent of refusing to go to Ninevah.


  1. Phantasy Star 4 is looking pretty good now isn’t it Lusi? Sorry to hear about the curse of Star Fox Adventures. I say call a priest.

  2. @Korusi: No, it’s still rubbish. :p
    Maybe someone sensible will win and I’ll be able to play something that isn’t simply horrible!

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