TSM Episode 441: Trapped

He's so cute! ^.^

Download Link: Released 2017.08.07

With the Summer of Smash II concluded, Lusipurr is freshly returned from playing two of the resulting victors: Banjo-Kazooie and Superman. Imitanis, SiliconNooB, and Adeki join him for a discussion of Cricket, Anime, and Video Game news.


  1. Adeki: “I’m not going to disagree with Penguin from about a year ago.” Well-timed zinger there.

    Has anybody seen the crappy-looking mobile graphics on the Japanese Dragon Quest 3DS ports? It’s like they took the Super Famicom versions, which looked great, and made them worse just to ruin a good thing. I’m still looking forward to DQ XI, but giving up on caring about I – III coming westwards.

  2. I will say the iOS versions of Dragon Quest I-III are actually pretty excellent for mobile games. Funny how Square-Enix knew to a certain degree how to properly port games to mobile with DQ I-III but completely messed up the Final Fantasy VI re-release there.

  3. @Tanzenmatt: They’re not too bad actually, although they are affected somewhat by some poor scaling choices (non-linear with no aliasing options). However, having played the mobile versions pretty extensively, I can add that I stopped noticing within the first minute or two. Pixel graphics have a way of sorting themselves in the viewer’s beholding once one looks at them for long enough.

    @ST: They are! I hate, hate, HATE mobile games, but even I like DQ 1-2-3 on mobile. However, I would like them a GREAT deal more with proper controls on a 3DS.
    Meanwhile, FF6 still looks utterly weird and incongruous (I have learned, since we last discussed this, that this is due to the character sprites having a much lower base pixel density (before compression) than the actual in game artwork, which is why they look very fuzzy and lo-fidelity compared to the environments).

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