TSM Episode 444: KaroCast

Mmm! Thick and refreshing!
Crack open a cold one today!

Download Link: Released 2017.08.28

In a syrupy haze, Lusipurr, Adeki, and SiliconNooB wrap up Gamescom 2017 and switch tack from Moby Dick to King Arthur as they prepare for next week’s unveiling of Lusipurr’s magnum opus.


  1. Thoughtful and entertaining; an excellent podcast. I like the Literaturplatz. Selections of different poetry and shorter prose works tend to work best. And there’s that FFVI script to look forward to!

    So, I haven’t bought any this-gen systems yet. I’ve beem waving off PS4 as there didn’t seem to be enough that I’m interested, and Switch, whils a crappy system, will at least have Mario and Metroid. But the Secret Of Mana announcement just blew that out of the water for me. And then there’s Dragon Quest XI, and of course I’ve been anticipating the 3DS version, but I now I don’t feel the need to be resigned to only that. There is enough to justify a PS4 to me now when the time is right, but I have a lot of Mario games already and maybe I can skip the one with a weird hat gimmick, and maybe 3 Metroid Primes is enough – Retro Studios isn’t even making the fourth, so I’m hesitant to trust it.

    Really, Square Enix is doing totally the right thing from what we’ve seen of Secret Of Mana. And Dragon Quest. But NOT Final Fantasy. Lusipurr’s anal ogy is quite apt.

  2. Maybe it was too obvious. The name “Final Fantasy” is the lube they use to screw fans now. A piece of shit by any other name would sell less.

  3. I was quite enjoying Moby Dick it was far and away the best book you’ve read on the podcast.

  4. @Rabbid: Really!? Hmm. Perhaps I will reconsider. We have a major diversion coming up but AFTER that special podcast, there may well be a resumption!

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