Feature Video: Super Reetin Bros.

In fulfillment of a Lusipurr.com Summer Donation challenge, Reetin and Durga Syn took their dance skills to Reetin’s green screen and produced this rendition of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show dance and song.

When Lusipurr saw this, he is reported to have said, “That is so much worse than I imagined it would be, and I really thought it would be absolute trash”. He also threatened that he would, “squash Reetin into a jelly”.

Let us Reetin and Durga know what you think in the comments below.

12 comments on “Feature Video: Super Reetin Bros.”

  1. Maybe Adeki can do this while fulfilling his donation drive challenge.

  2. You can mess up, flub lines, and dance poorly, but please don’t be too cool or above it to even try to do it right and at least the whole song.

  3. @Tanzenmatt: Agreed.

    I think Reetin and Durga have let us down here.

  4. Maybe thwy accidentally sent you the test shot they took to make sure the picture was in focus and framed properly, instead of the final product.

  5. @Tanzenmatt: Having remonstrated with them at some length, I can assure you this is their ‘final product’.

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