Editorial: Video Game Vacations

In the original version of this post the theme song from “Cheers” was quoted liberally but unfortunately Adeki was once again threatened with termination due to his continual usage of tv show theme songs as a replacement to introduce the topic of his editorials. The main point was to say that taking a break sure would help a lot, and sometimes it is fun to unwind using a video game. The critera for these vacation-esque video games differs per person but it helps to have a big open area with tight controls and interesting things to do in. So, this editorial will offer three premium vacation destinations that any reader is invited to travel to given they have the game and the system (controllers help too).

Even one's sense of self or purpose!
Nearly everything is destructible!

First up in the travel pamphlet is none other than Just Cause 3 which takes place on the fictional island of Medici. Released in 2015, the game recieved middling reviews in terms of narrative and initial performance issues although over time the game has been praised for its large open-world combined with its destructible enviroment. Not only this, but Just Cause 3 gives players a lot of choices when it comes to what they want to do and how they want to do it. This includes the ability to control comically large vehicles along with being able to fly around the map with a physics-defying wingsuit. Add all of this to a varied arsenal of weaponry and it is no wonder why the game has sold over three million copies (when combining all platform sales). As for a vacation players are free to explore the island of Medici and destroy just about anything without much fear of reprecussions so it could be understood why someone would boot it up from time to time to relax their mind. Just sit back, relax, and rain hellfire down upon innocents.

Other times it means fooling said plant people by gracefully falling down using a water jetpack.
Vacationing may mean threatening to jump off a roof.

Next is Super Mario Sunshine which coincedentally starts off with Mario attempting to take a vacation from the Mushroom Kingdom. Unfortunately, this vacation is stopped dead in its tracks at the Delfino airport when a giant sludge monster is found gobbling up the native people of Isle Delfino. This forces Mario to help the vacation spot’s citizens with the aid of his new water backpack F.L.U.D.D. only to be wrongly accused of vandalizing the island with graffiti immediately afterward. Mario is then set with the task of cleaning the island of its graffiti along with finding the real culprit in order to prove his innocence. Although the game is mission based only a small handful of these missions have actual time limits which leaves Mario the ability to fully explore the numerous locations on Isle Delfino ranging from a haunted hotel to an out of control amusement park equipped with roller coasters and a ferris wheel. A positive of this mission based structure is also the ability to replay missions without having to start the game over meaning that players can relive their favorite moments whether it is chasing Shadow Mario or shooting rockets out of a roller coaster to destroy a giant mech of Bowser himself. This makes Super Mario Sunshine another perfect candidate for a vacation because players can jump around varied tropical locations to their hearts content, hover and rocket with the power of F.L.U.D.D., and even find Yoshi eggs to be hatched in certain locations so he can be played with too!

Have no need for concern, they can walk but it is doubtful they can run.
Do not fear the giant robot!

Last but certainly not least, the final recommended vacation spot from this editorial is none other than the seemingly endless vaccuum of space! Yes, space is quiet, desolate, and full of free NASA technology ripe for the plucking. Unforuntately, most people die when shot into space so the next best thing is to pick up a copy of No Man’s Sky instead. No, the game is not a substitute for your favorite spacejet shooter, but instead a game filled with countless amounts of planets to explore along with new species, languages, and sights to see. Although it was seen as an upset for many in its launch others have found it to be an extremely interesting game to explore without having to stay on one’s toes. This has also been helped by the fact that the fine folk at Hello Games have continued to update the game with various improvements, some of which were released very recently to the publication of this editorial. Also, thanks to this upset copies of the game are relatively cheap! Never before has an excursion to space cost less than $30, so thank you No Man’s Sky.

So that does it for yet another one of “Adeki’s Gems” which is what all these editorials have secretly been called unbeknownst to everyone else on staff. Do you have a game you play on repeat no matter how many times you beat it or just because you enjoy being in that virtual world? Maybe you have a suggestion for a future editorial because you do not relate to playing the same game as a miniature vacation. Whatever the case may be, make sure to leave a comment below and let us know what you think!


  1. I really liked No Man’s Sky for what it was, honestly. I didn’t read up on or care about what it was hyped to be, and so I was perfectly happy with what I got.

    I’m going to try to find the time to play it a bit this month and learn about all the new changes because, quite frankly, I really need a REAL vacation and I’m not likely to get it. So NMS will have to do.

  2. @Lusipurr: I just got it a couple weeks ago for less than $20 and once my Crash Bandicoot trilogy is fully at 100%, I’m looking forward to trying it out!

  3. Isle Delfino would be fun, I’d definitely vacation there.

  4. @Tanzenmatt: It’d be so nice! I’d love to just relax on the beach outside Hotel Delfino.

  5. The best part about vacationing on Isle Delfino? Absolutely no sexual taboos.

  6. Is that… true? I had no idea. Here I’ve been spending imaginary vacation time in Isle Delfino just lounging around with frosty tropical drinks in the delightful sun. Is it, like, all in the open, just whenever? Or more, anything goes, just behind closed doors? I’m not sure now, I’d really prefer to be places where there are at least some taboos. Try to avoid another Costa del Sol incident, bubby.

  7. @Tanzenmatt: I can neither confirm nor deny Sebastian’s comments due to my legal entanglements, unfortunately.

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