TSM Episode 450: Exploitation by Sponsorship

I have prepared it for you on our COLEMAN cookstove, which I stored in the roomy boot of our AUDI automobile.
Hello, your rumpled ROEN clothing suggests to me that you would like a delicious meal of NISSIN CUP NOODLE.

Download Link: Released 2017.10.09

When Adeki’s rumpled ROEN clothing suggests that he is famished, Imitanis and SiliconNooB open the spacious boot of their AUDI automobile to find the COLEMAN cookstove stored there by Lusipurr, and they then cook up a hearty meal of NISSIN CUP NOODLE.


  1. It’s a good thing I was able to get an order placed for the YUMMY MART (by PEACHJOHN) line of KIRBY undergarments (licensed by NINTENDO) so that Adeki can model them!

  2. It’s the 4th Info Blast-aversary!

    This week’s panel
    Silicon Noob
    Also featuring:

    If there is one, it wasn’t mentioned.

    If there is one, it wasn’t mentioned.

    PSN updated to 5.0!
    I don’t think I’ve ever used PSN.

    Andrew House steps down from Sony role
    I’ve never heard of this guy, but this sounds like a big deal, I guess?

    Discord now has screen sharing and video chat
    I used Discord a little bit, but it was annoying to keep both it and Slack and since my work uses the later and I rarely find the need for video game group chat, I ditched it. This sounds like it might make it my first choice if I ever delve back into that realm.

    Halloween skins for Overwatch
    This game sounds like it would be fun. It has great support and content updates.

    SW:Battlefront 2 servers restored
    This seems like a strange move, but if it gets hype for the new one then I guess it was smart.

    Sony Making another vr headset
    Lusi says that VR is dead, but I kinda hope not. I still have never had a chance to try out one of these things. It sounds like a cool novelty at least and I’d like to give it a shot before they disappear.

    Final Fantasy 7 remake Hajime Tabata FF7-2
    This sounds like a pretty smart move. Don’t pick up a live grenade. Dunno about a sequel though. Maybe that’s like scooping up a ticking bomb. It’s not as dangerous, but it’s certainly not safe.

    Street Fighter 5 arcade edition
    How is this different from something like a Game of the Year edition type thing where they bundle up all the content for cheaper after the game has gotten long in the tooth? Legitimately curious.

    No Man’s Sky Update
    I’m kinda shocked that this game is still around and getting updates. The last I’d heard it was a steaming pile of broken promises.

    Bup Talk
    Probably discontinued since I last did one of these.

    Imitanis Literature CornerTonsandmot Literature Plots?
    The Color of Magic
    I really like Discworld, but I don’t think that The Color of Magic/The Light Fantastic is the greatest opening for it. I recommend people start with Guards! Guards! You miss a couple of nods and winks at Rincewind, but it’s not really that much.

    Imitanis Gaming Entertainment Moment
    This week I played Xia: Legends of a Drift System.

    Xia is a game about being space famous. You hop into a dinky little ship, buy an engine and some shields or blasters and try to make a name for yourself. You can take off into the unknown void and try to make discoveries, you can complete missions like shuttling passengers or smuggling, you can be a high value goods trader, you can blow up another player, or you can just roll a 20 on a d20. All of these things (and a few more) will earn you a fame point. The game is a massive luck-fest. You throw dice to see how far you move, how much damage your blasters do, whether or not a debris field kills you, how much money you get from research, and basically everything ever. The game is the most fun if you let the story of what’s happening to you play out. Maybe you’re the hyper-lucky ace pilot dodging asteroids and making trade runs in record time, or maybe you’re the loser junker with a bounty who has zero cash to his name and accidentally flew into a star, twice. Yes, there is a winner, but the game is one that first and foremost tells a story and if you get invested in yours then it’ll be fun even if you don’t become space famous.

    Extra Life
    I’m also participating in Extra Life again. It’s a gaming marathon to raise money for children’s hospitals. Donate here if you’d like to help, I would be super appreciate it. If you do donate ($25+) you can pick a game from my collection and we’ll play it during the marathon on November 4th! Thanks!

    DiceAdmiral Travel Moment
    No travel this week. Did I really travel so much that this was a necessary feature?

    Final Notes
    Coming back to the show after not listening for a while has been interesting. It’s very familiar. The format has not changed much, if at all. There were far fewer annoyances like mic rubbing and chewing than there used to be, so props for that. Though maybe it’s just because Bup isn’t on this one.

    It’s been 4 years this October 14th since I did the first one of these. It seems like ages ago. It’s been fun to come back and listen and write up another IB to celebrate the occasion.

    Final Quotes
    “[A dead man driving a car] would be tremendously inconvenient”
    “If that fails, dispense alcohol”
    “You haven’t lived until you’ve [touched your tongue to a 9 volt battery]”

    I won’t even try to make a note on this after such an absence. Wow, the game can be up to $80 now. You’ve upgraded!

  3. @DiceAdmiral: Es war auch “Sebastian’s Literary Sanctuary” benannt, aber jetzt Tanzenmatts Literaturplatz heißt.

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