TSM Episode 454: Shovels and Sharks

Work hard for great happiness get!
Happy Lusipurreans busily engaged in healthful, industrious pursuits.

Download Link: Released 2017.11.06

In response to a collapse of morality in the world of EVE Online, Lusipurr outlines his plan to bring jobs and security to the country, Adeki and SiliconNooB present NintendoNews, Durga summarises the anime season, and Imitanis reports on Blizzcon.


  1. @Lusipurr you have my vote only if Bup is your VP, Adeki is your Secretary of the Treasury and Oliver is your Press Secretary and SiliconNooB gets a position in your cabinet as an excuse to get him access to a better internet connection.

    Also more impressions LMAO!

  2. @Dark-Stag: I believe in journalistic integrity and refuse to lie to our dear readers, even as a joke. Dark-Stag, that was Moira speaking and if anything I’m a little hurt that you’re insulting her vocal talents when she graciously accepted to appear on the podcast. Also, I like to think I’d handle the position of Secretary of the Treasury with great poise, that being said I’d invest all of our nation’s money in Panera Bread and let it ride!

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