TSM Episode 459: Death by Disconnexion

This is not actually a picture of Lusipurr dying because instead of pausing to take a well-considered screenshot, he loudly employed some ungentlemanly language.

Download Link: Released 2017.12.11

‘Tis the season for Lusipurrean misery, and when it rains, it pours: England suffer another dismal defeat in the Ashes, Lusipurr’s car breaks and needs to be replaced, and finally the spectre of Diablo III hardcore death appears once more, woe and betide!


  1. Imitanis is VASTLY superior to Adeki as a substitute host!

  2. He is a good host, knows how to keep it moving.

    Adeki, I just did that part in Breath Of The Wild too!

  3. @Tanzenmatt: He’s our version of Jeremy Paxman, except less annoying.

    Also, Tanzenmatt, Adeki’s review of Breath of the Wild is forthcoming. Stay tuned!

  4. @Tanzenmatt: Great minds play(?) alike!

    One day Imitanis will be gone and I’ll record a ten minute podcast. You’re ALL welcome in advance.

  5. @Adeki: If you only read the first word, how do you know there is another word?

  6. Thanks for the comments on my ability to host. I was nervous when we started recording, but quickly relaxed into the role.

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