TSM Episode 460: Ron’s Ron Shirt

Ron's Ron shirt *is* just as bad as Ron is.
Why not try Ron magic?

Download Link: Released 2017.12.18

Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Adeki commiserate (or rejoice) at England’s (or Australia’s) terrible (or wonderful) performance in the Cricket, but are then buried under an avalanche of news. Only Ron’s Ron magic can save them from asphyxiation and pumpkins.


  1. Wow, Ron magic is so powerful, it slayed our listeners.

  2. That Literaturplatz was beautiful. I know I’ve screamed at a door about how closed it was before.

  3. I used the keycard to unlock the door, and stubbornly it stayed closed. I yelled out, “God damn, this door is totally closed!” and someone nearby said “yeah, it’s been doing that all day.” Stupid-ass, closed-ass door.

  4. @Tanzenmatt: “It’s been doing that all day,” Zing!

    Next week tune in for our special Christmas reading of A Christmas Carol, but because it is a very long book (more than 10,000pp.) we’re cutting out all the caroling in it and just focusing on Christmas.

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