TSM Episode 462: Swatting in the New Year

But deliver us from badly-made garbage.
Lead us not into temptation…

Download Link: Released 2018.01.01

Lusipurr invents a death-free alternative to swatting, but Adeki prefers global thermonuclear war. Meanwhile, Imitanis lines up 360-no-scope-headshots on both of them before the arrival of the Worst of the Year awards prevents further staff deaths.


  1. No one has anything to say about my plan to SAVE LIVES and IMPROVE GAMING? Come on!

  2. Well, your plan may give Nintendo even more reason to make a Game Boy Classic, with pre-installed Pokémon and the like. Like the previous systems, you can’t buy it; instead they’ll be handed out to non-gamers who’ll then sell them off.

    I would have Pokémon and other classics be mandatory learning for schoolchildren.

  3. @Tanzenmatt: I doubt that replacing current secondary school curricula with Pokemon would lead to anything worse than what we currently have in place.

    However your predictions about the Nintendo Gameboy Classic (coming soon no doubt) make me regret mentioning the entire thing!

  4. @Lusipurr: The Nintendo Pokemon Classic; a cut-down 2DS that come pre-installed with Red,Blue,Yellow,Gold,Silver,Crystal, and enough credit for the first years bank subscription.

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