TSM Episode 464: Switched Off

Inside of the dock you will find not only a second graphics processor and a 5TB hard drive, but also an entire Nintendo Direct for January 2018.
The dock contains so much more!

Download Link: Released 2018.01.15

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB pore over the recent Nintendo (mini) Direct, but find it wanting in terms of breadth and scope. However, the announcement of additional Cup Noodle tie-ins in further Final Fantasy titles is certain to mollify the two panelists.


  1. I got the book! Thank you for the inscription. I’m glad it’s a Modern Library edition; goes right in with that section of the library. I see what you mean about the art, that early modernist style. Very unique.

  2. @Tanzenmatt: Rockwell Kent was brilliant, and if you like the illustrations you should look up his other art.

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