TSM Episode 465: The Royal Labo Disaster

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Download Link: Released 2018.01.22

After calamity upon calamity is heaped upon Lusipurr, the pressure eventually becomes too great, and Imitanis and SiliconNooB are treated to the great Lusi-whinge of 2018, on topics including royal rip-offs, cardboard cupidity, and a Sony scam.


  1. Like a lift with the cable cut. Sorry guys. Family, PSN, and a million other things conspired to make this as disastrous as the news we reported.

    NEXT WEEK WILL (possibly) BE BETTER!

  2. I haven’t listened to it yet. Is it really as bad as they say? I guess I’ll have to take the plunge and find out.

  3. Update:

    Thank you for your recent call to Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Consumer Services. We have reviewed your case and approved your refund in the amount of ($49.99).


  4. So, the refund was for Lost Sphear, out of curiosity? I’ve been kind of hesitant to try that game, because while I enjoyed parts of I am Setsuna, the skill system was irritating. I remember having to grind for drops that would only drop if you used a certain elemental spell/tech, which was just busy work. That and the character development and plot was kind of bland. For a studio that is trying to make games that harken back to the stylings of FF6/Chrono Trigger, they seem to not really understand what really made those games great. It wasn’t solely the double/triple techs, and it definitely wasn’t backtracking and experimenting killing enemies with different spells.

  5. @Fumunshu: That’s right. I thought, initially, that there was no physical edition in North America, and so I preordered a digital version on PS4. Then, Imitanis mentioned that there was a physical version, but that it is exclusive to the Square Enix store online. I ordered a physical edition, and called to cancel my digital edition from Sony. They then gave me a huge hassle, despite the fact that:

    – The game wasn’t out yet.
    – The game (and soundtrack) did not allow pre-downloading.
    – Searching their site for refund policies directs me to the EU refund policy, which says I can get a refund within 14 days of purchase.

    In the end, they demanded a copy of my receipt for the physical edition (which I gave them). Then, they gave me a refund, but only to my PS wallet. Which is fine, I’ll use it in due course, but it’s still a shitty policy and they should change it. There’s no excuse for having it the way it is (especially when it is not like this in other regions).

    Your appraisal of I Am Setsuna is not unfair. I’ll be playing Lost Sphear for the first time on my stream tomorrow night at 22:00 (US Eastern), so feel free to tune in and see what I think of it.

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