TSM Episode 473: Plus Mania

Or, as we prefer to say here at Sega, Mania PLUS! Plus MONEY! FOR US!
Get ready for MORE Mania!

Download Link: Released 2018.03.19

Reetin and a tardy SiliconNooB join Lusipurr for a skewering of the game industry in the week leading up to GDC 2018. Sonic Mania Plus is unveiled, annoying fans, and the Final Fantasy VII remake is in need of additional quality, surprising no one.


  1. I did not listen to this, but I am sure it was mostly Reetin squealing his excitement for Sonic Mania Plus, he seems like a Sonic fan.

  2. @Reetin: You were! You were even helpful, which was really surprising.

    @Durga: It wasn’t, actually. In fact, he didn’t have much to say about it at all. Mostly because Sonic Mania is already out and ‘Plus’ is just a cretinous way of getting more money out of people for a physical edition that they said wasn’t going to happen.

  3. It’s strange, I didn’t think Final Fantasy VII really needed additional quality, (maybe a better translation), but it’s pretty great, and it’s on PSN, right now. Remake? What Remake? I feel like that this is the proper way to deal with this. Just ignore it, maybe it will go away. Also when you see Nomura just yell “SHAME!”

    He knows what he did.

  4. Congrats on announcing that if you make$4000 in the summer donation drive you’d play to completion all the Fable games in order and give an honest video review of them. That’s very brave of you Lusipurr.

  5. @That Man: We agree!

    @Pub Pibbs: HA! That’ll be the day.

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