TSM Episode 476: Most Lethal Toothbrush

MORE MORE MORE!... in 2019!
Survey says: MORE MORE MORE!

Download Link: Released 2018.04.09

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB broadcast one last time from Fort Lusipurr-on-the-Lake, before moving to the glorious surrounds of Maison de Lusipurr. In a parting shot, Final Fantasy XV makes news again, with the announcement of further DLC… in 2019!


  1. I might play FFXV again when it is complete, but I suspect FFXVI will be released first.

  2. I still have to finish the game at least once

  3. As you stated before, let’s bully Lusipurr with the summer donation drive to play and review the complete Fable games series.

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