TSM Episode 478: Reetin!

In fact, due to his buoyancy, Reetin! has high potential energy. When released, he has high kinetic energy. When set alight, he has high thermal energy!

Reetin! is not low energy.

Download Link: Released 2018.04.23

Lusipurr is joined by Reetin and SiliconNooB to discuss the merits of a high-energy attitude, and to cover news ranging from Dragon Quest XI’s traditional approach to the potential details of the PlayStation 5 and the HD remaster of Xenosaga III.

6 comments on “TSM Episode 478: Reetin!”

  1. I’m glad I’m buying DQXI on the PS4. Wouldn’t want have my copy of the game delayed.

  2. Lusipurr, you said it yourself, if bullied enough, anything can happen. Even you playing the Hydelide and Fable series if you reach the$2000 and $4000 goals respectively. Think, you’ll be able to bring Bruce from Australia in for a beer visit.

  3. @Imitanis: Same. I guess I’ll only be buying one version of the game now. Originally, I was going to buy it for both PS4 and 3DS, so that I could experience both the 3D and 2D versions. Now I’ll just be buying the PS4 edition.

    So much for making money and ‘broadening the brand’ etc.

  4. Reetin does produce enough hot air on his own that he is actually low cost!

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