TSM Episode 479: The Highly-Affordable Virtual Boy

Nintendo Labo is the latest in a long list of incredible Nintendo creations!
Another Nintendo success!

Download Link: Released 2018.04.30

With the advent of Nintendo Labo in a huge explosion of no publicity or interest whatsoever, SiliconNooB and Lusipurr discuss an avalanche of pre-E3 news, including new anti-loot-box laws and some potentially positive Final Fantasy VII remake details.


  1. I’ll bet Imitanis was lined up on launch day in order to purchase fragile $80 cardboard boxes for his children!

  2. I bought a bunch of Virtual Boys when they were clearanced out at Target for $15 each! They all broke.

  3. Big and bold as Reetin should be! Also, I am surprised Nintendo never filed cease and desist claims on all these virtual boy ripoffs coming our these days.

  4. @Durga: I think they are trying to forget that the Virtual Boy ever existed.

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