TSM Episode 480: Hall of Infamy

INFAMY is a kind of fame!
Famous towers! Deadly towers!

Download Link: Released 2018.05.07

With Lusipurr and SiliconNooB recovering from the influenza, Reetin arrives to help speed their recovery with lofty thoughts, an uplifting outlook, and a buoyant attitude. But a bevy of news both chilling and damp worsens the panelists’ conditions.


  1. I regret to announce that my influenza has worsened.

  2. @lusipurr: Do staff put games in the comment thread, or is it just for readers right now?

  3. I like that Reetin guy. I like him so much that I find myself strongly, sexually attracted to him! BRB wanky time!

  4. It’s a good thing that Reetin guy has sixteen pictures of himself to facilitate ‘wanky time’.

  5. Ideas for the drive: Fable 1-4, the Hydelide series, Superman 64, Final Fantasy XV mobile, Legacy of the Wizard, Final Fantasy XV VR fishing

  6. Almost forgot. Lunar Dragon Song, Agarest War series, Blue Dragon DS games, NES TMNT the first game, Dark Spire, Cross Edge

  7. I recently connected my PS4 for the first time in many months, and noted my most recent save from 12/27/2016. Once again reaffirming to anyone still doubting it: I am not a gamer.

  8. @Sebastian: I control VIDEO EVIDENCE that suggests you DO play video games!

  9. Just to clarify, are the game suggestions for the drive meant to be a “punishment” as they’ve been sometimes in the past? If that’s the case, I might want to go a little left field, but stay in the jrpg genre…

    Romancing Saga 2
    Suikoden IV
    Beyond the Beyond
    7th Saga
    Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne (I hear it’s pretty difficult in not a very fun way)

    If it’s just games I think would be fun to see the staff members play-
    Tactics Ogre
    Illusion of Gaia
    The Messenger (if it’s out by that time)

  10. You have ants, as a home owner I can tell you the absolute best and cheapest way to destroy ants for the rest of the season. Go to the hardware store and buy some Amdro ant barrier. Its a granular that you sprinkle on the ground. You sprinkle a 1 foot wide strip around your entire house (make sure its not going to rain soon). While doing this check around for their trails and see if you can locate any nests, and put the granular around the nests and ant trails. You will eradicate every ant on your property within hours.

    Now on to the crappy/painful for Lusipurr games

    Dragons of Flame (PC, it must be the PC version which is available on any abandon-ware site)
    Mega Man X7
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

  11. @S’NooB: Stop ‘helping’ the readers!

  12. @SN00B You think he’d enjoy them? I thought I’ve heard him mention he wasn’t too into SMT games, but maybe I’m mistaken. Sometimes I’m under the opinion that mediocre can be worse than awful, because there can be comedy in the truly awful, while a game that’s more bland just takes a few pixels out of your soul and wastes your time. It’s a different strategy in punishment. Plus, suikoden 4 is a different kind of punishment, because the previous games were much better, and it builds up the “what the fuck were they thinking” sentiment. Also, if Lusipurr agrees to get the punishment rune on his hand, like in the game, I think we could raise a lot of money. I’ll throw down $100. Haha

  13. @Fumunshu *glug, glug, glug…*


    Talking about Nocturne makes me want to play it again!

  14. Here, have some ideas for the drive.

    Skylight Freerange 1 or 2 (Vita/ps4)
    Tokyo Tattoo Girls (Vita)
    Kitten Squad (Switch)

  15. Thank you, readers, for your comments and ideas! I’m recording them all, so keep them coming. Feel free to comment more than once if you think of something else to add. And you can comment on any podcast this month to the same end.

    Staff members, remember not to coach, assist, guide, etc. the readers. Your involvement will be when we come to selecting the games that will make it onto the final donation-thermometer style list. Readers are the only people allowed to suggest the games that go into the selection pool, and that should be done as freely as possible. Readers don’t get to be involved in the staff selection, so it’s not right for staff to try and get involved in the reader suggestion. Staff members who go too far in their comments will find their comments redacted.

    As mentioned several times (and over the years) the games you pick need not be especially bad (or good). Instead, aim for what you want me to play and then review. That could be something particularly bad; or, it could be a personal favourite game; or, it could be something you think is good but which you know I won’t like. In general, though, some things to avoid are:

    – Avoid suggesting stuff that is just really bland. It’s hard to have anything terribly interesting to say about such a game unless it is particularly transgressive in some way (as Eternal Sonata was with Chopin’s life).
    – Avoid suggesting stuff that is VR-based, fully motion-control oriented, or not-a-game. I can’t review VR games (they give me severe motion sickness), we don’t cover non-games that masquerade as games, and stuff which is fully motion-controlled might pose problems for reviewing.
    – Keep in mind that certain consoles/systems are far more certain for me to play than others. If you want to be assured that I can play it, stick to Sony systems, Nintendo systems, and the Genesis. I don’t really have a game-oriented computer at all (I have an iMac which is several years old at this point), nor do I have access to a gaming PC of any sort (my wife has an even older iMac), so PC/Mac games are a total crapshoot. They might work, but they might not.

    – Finally, feel free to suggest anything outside of the guidelines above, but be aware that although you can make the suggestion, there’s a good chance it won’t make the cut to get onto the Lusi-meter.

  16. @RabidKitten: An especial thank-you for the advice re. the ants. I’ll pick up some of that stuff next week after Orkin is here, just to make sure the job gets DONE.

    I hate bugs.

  17. Thanks for the clarifications, Lusipurr. If that’s the case than my second list is the ones I’d actually like to see covered, so I’ll redact my “punishment” list.

  18. Valkyrie Profile 2, Resonance of Fate (PS3), Baten Kaitos Origins

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