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  1. I’m kind of ambivalent about companies selling cosmetics to players. As long as they are available in the game (I think to myself), that seems fine. But then I think, “Yes, but what if they make them virtually impossible to get in-game, in order to force anyone who wants them to actually buy them,” and that strikes me as an attack on consumers. Because this is an industry built on maximising profit, we can’t really have them at all without another company pushing it to a shitty level (and further; i.e. EXP boosts for money, levels for money, items that can only be bought with money, etc.).

    So my position has hardened over the years to the point that I believe we should do away with the model entirely: no more post-purchase money transactions–everything must be available at no cost, and any sort of microtransaction model after the fact, however thoughtfully done, is a danger to the wider industry because it will be adopted and pushed to a shitty level by other less scrupulous companies.

  2. I think this is a good step because you can get the items in game as well as purchase them if you choose to. I agree that both are important and there’s been a lot of steps in the wrong direction lately. It’s nice to see a company trying to save their own ass in a way that actually benefits people!

  3. I hate it when people say “Oh this game is not going to be pay to win” and then they add things like “20% more exp if you pay for the premium service” which in my opinion IS pay to win. You are paying to have an advantage over other people. If I go up to a mob that is 100 EXP, someone else would get 120 exp, which would make them have a huge advantage.

  4. I support removing microtransactions, but I do like opening loot boxes. I believe we can have one without the other.

  5. @Reetin: “then they add things like “20% more exp if you pay for the premium service” which in my opinion IS pay to win.”

    Exactly this.

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