Video: Xenosaga Episode I (Part 9)

Reetin plays Xenosaga Episode I, and discusses with Lusipurr and Durga the latest Star Citizen premium package.

Have you ever spent one thousand dollars just to get a look at what you might get if you spend twenty-seven thousand dollars? If so, give us all your money and we will let you see what is in the comments below!

4 comments on “Video: Xenosaga Episode I (Part 9)”

  1. Star Citizen is proof of the axiom that a fool and his money are soon parted.

  2. we should take the money from the donation drive and buy 27,000 dollars worth of ships!

  3. It’s totally not because Star Citizen is in financial trouble. Nope.

  4. They raised so much with the campaign, and took out a loan for more, and now they’re trying to get even MORE money. Definitely not hemorrhaging anything!

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