TSM Episode 484: Golden Axe Fanboy

Not pictured, offscreen: Lusipurr, shouting at SiliconNooB to stop playing Golden Axe.
Pictured: SiliconNooB, wielding a mighty, golden axe.

Download Link: Released 2018.06.04

As the Summer Donation Drive begins, and with E3 rapidly approaching, Lusipurr finally insists that SiliconNooB must curtail his unreasonable and obsessive Golden Axe fixation, before his extravagant spending on vintage arcade machines bankrupts the site.


  1. SiliconNooB really needs to put the Golden Axe away.

  2. @Lusipurr he really does take that Golden Axe too much.

  3. ALWAYS talking about Golden Axe! I do wish he’d give it a rest.

  4. What stretch goal would it be where you Jean Philippe would wear the Kirby lingerie during your bad game streaming?

  5. Golden Axe was interesting back in the 90’s, but the game doesn’t hold up today.

  6. @PubPibbs: No. Violation of Twitch guidelines and I’m not touching those. Keep it clean please.

  7. No doubt SiliconNooB claims that they began at “Simply amazing” and only improved from there.

  8. Golden Axe 1 is pretty generic, Streets of Rage is a much better Genesis beat em up!

  9. Golden Axe III so far is my favorite, but they’re all pretty similar. Streets Of Rage III might be my favorite too. But not Sonic Hedgehog 3, it’s gotta be 1 or 2. Monster World IV is great, but III is really good too. Phantasy Star… I don’t know, I’ve played some of I, II, and IV and it’s hard to choose. I’ve never played a Shining Force game, so I can’t help you there, guys. Revenge Of Shinobi is a classic for me, but I can understand someone liking Shinobi III better. Know what sequel I was surprised to like as much as I did? ToeJam And Earl 2. Anything else?

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