TSM Episode 485: The Soul of the Game

...yet others succeed admirably.
Despite the best efforts of devs, not every game has ‘soul’…

Download Link: Released 2018.06.11

With the Summer Donation Drive beginning to yield results, SMT-fanboy Imitanis and Golden-Axe-fanboy SiliconNooB join Lusipurr for a discussion of what makes a good game, and how western developers can capture the ‘essence’ of classic gaming franchises.


  1. WoW is the Shang Tsung of Dark Souls. I mean, of games.

  2. We has $120! We can officially purchase the single game for the winner and have $20 left over.

  3. @Reetin: Our hosting is $400 per year including domain registration for our old address. We currently have -$280, not counting any outlay for a game! :(

  4. @Lusipurr: I’m sure we didn’t. It was all about the SMT for me this episode!


  6. That’s a good point Lusi, we should be talking about Golden Axe!

  7. We are NOT going to talk about Golden Axe any more, so just GIVE IT A REST. Jeez!

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