5 comments on “TDT 1.81: Fallout 4”

  1. I know people love this series to an increasingly absurd level (fanboys ruin everything), but I’ve never really understood why. It’s just a first-person action adventure game with pretty rudimentary gameplay and combat, and a LOT of bugs (thanks, Bethesda!). It’s kind of like the praise that is showered on the Bioshock series. They’re not particularly well-developed (and especially not well-realised), they just have an interesting world.

  2. @Lusipurr: The Fallout series was at a high point with the second game before the IP was bought by Bethesda. Fallout 3 was pretty good, but the series has been declining ever since.

  3. I’m tired of looking at brown post apocalyptic worlds.

  4. I think the biggest appeal of fallout is the combination of a post apocalyptic world with the atompunk aesthetic. 50s style sci fi mixed with everyone being dead is very appealing!

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