TDT 1.94: Summer Donation Drive 2018

Lusipurr plays the last ‘official’ stream of the Summer Donation Drive, with special guest commentary from Adeki, Sebastian, Reetin, and Durga. Conspicuously absent: Cat-Fancier and Zestria-hater, Kris ‘Sabin’ Privateer.

Did you contribute to the Summer Donation Drive? If not, there is still time to help us reach our final goal, and to unlock the target bonuses. Donate today, and tell your friends!

7 comments on “TDT 1.94: Summer Donation Drive 2018”

  1. Quite the opposite–but I do want the site to be able to pay its bills, and I’d also hate for this to be the first time we don’t make our modest annual donation target!

  2. @Reetin: More than ANYONE else (except me).

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