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Seiken Densetsu 3 Remake Probably In Production

Tidings have come to the TDT newsdesk, by way of a job listing, that Square Enix Business Division 8 is currently working on an action RPG. This division has previously developed remakes of Final Fantasy Adventure and Secret of Mana. They have also previously worked on a bunch of 2D smartphone games, but in terms of 3D action RPGs they have only been working on Mana remakes, and since Seiken Densetsu 3 has not yet been remade, it is probably that.

The youngsters can only stomach 3D though...
2D art beats 3D art for gamers with perspective.

An interview with Siliconera back in February reveals that Secret of Mana remake producer Masaru Oyamada was already thinking about what form a potential Seiken Densetsu 3 remake would take:

No matter which I choose it will be quite difficult, as the title is very large in terms of volume. I understand the comments about wanting to play it as-is in the original pixel format, but I also feel that if we were to resolve the complaints and frustrations from the original, it might be a smoother transition into the future if we remade the game like we did this time. If I had the bandwidth, I would love to go in both directions. But in any case, I will do my best to meet the expectations of those who are waiting.

Squaresoft’s 2D pixel art looks vastly more attractive than the budget Square Enix 3D seen in previous Mana remake games, but Oyamada is not wrong when he says that the 3D approach might make for a “smoother transition into the future“. For whatever reason the younger generations of gamers just cannot seem to handle playing games with “BAD 8bit graphics“, so it is probably best for Square Enix’s bottom line that they look to have gone with a full remake, rather than simply localising a 2D version of the game. Oldfags will likely stick with the gorgeous SNES ROM though.

Guild Wars’ Jessica Price Goes Ham On Customers

Micro aggressions are so named because they are microscopic. They are so small that you cannot see them. So just how much umbrage should one take over a micro aggression? One would think that any reaction should be proportional, and as such similarly microscopic – leftists will not stand for this state of affairs though. The left is determined to take micro aggressions mainstream, and thus we have recently been seeing a swathe of random normies being attacked and even having their lives ruined over increasingly trivial bullshit.

How are so many lunatics still able to get away with this shit?
You have an opinion, white Man? UNACCEPTABLE!

This week Guild Wars 2‘s Jessica Price took to Reddit, in order to provide an AMA about the direction of the online game. Following this Price returned to Twitter to continue the conversation, and when one says ‘continue the conversation’, in the most unidirectional sense possible.

Since I spent all kinds of time saying it on Reddit AMA, and I haven’t talked about actual game dev on Twitter in a while, here’s a thread about writing for the PC character in an MMO.

She then proceeded to write a thirty part tweet thread about how she approaches her writing for the player character of Guild Wars 2. At some point during this tweet stream a Guild Wars 2 player by the name of Deroir had a small point of criticism to make, and did so in the most respectful way possible:

Really interesting thread to read! 👌 However, allow me to disagree *slightly*. I dont believe the issue lies in the MMORPG genre itself (as your wording seemingly suggest). I believe the issue lies in the contraints of the Living Story’s narrative design; (1 of 3)

When you want the outcome to be the same across the board for all players’ experiences, then yes, by design you are extremely limited in how you can construct the personality of the PC. (2 of 3)
1 reply 3 retweets 320 likes

But, if instead players were given the option to meaningfully express *their* character through branching dialogue options (which also aren’t just on the checklist for an achievement that forces you through all dialogue options), (3 of 4 cause I count seemingly…)

then perhaps players would be more invested in the roleplaying aspect of that particular MMORPG. Nonetheless, I appreciate the insightful thread! (End)

Deroir’s reward for his contribution to the discussion was a sharp rebuke by way of a snarky bitch passive aggressive abuse of irony:

thanks for trying to tell me what we do internally, my dude 9_9

This caused Deroir to express his shock, but he quickly tried to deescalate the situation by disengaging with the conversation:

You getting mad at my obvious attempt at creating dialogue and discussion with you, instead of just replying that I am wrong or otherwise correct me in my false assumptions, is really just disheartening for me. You do you though. I’m sorry if it offended. I’ll leave you to it.

Unfortunately for Deroir, Jessica Price had not finished with him, and now having made Deroir voluntarily retreat from the conversation, Price decided that she would very much like to slam dunk all over him. As such she tweet quoted his initial message, before adding this snarky nonsense:

Today in being a female game dev:

“Allow me–a person who does not work with you–explain to you how you do your job.”

A dismayed Deroir then once again tried to deescalate the situation before peacing out:

So much for an open discussion I guess. I meant no disrespect AT ALL. Never did. Never will. Neither did I imply I knew better. Nor has this ANYTHING to do with gender. Never did. Never will.
I will retract my comment, cause obviously I’m in the wrong forum for this kind of talk.

Unfortunately Price proceeded to carry on, initially attempting to continue picking a fight with Deroir, before contenting herself with insulting other Guild Wars 2 players who came in support of Deroir:

... As this quality certainly isn't at all evident in her tweets.
It is quite ironic that Price spends so much time bragging about the professionalism of her writing talent…

[Price]: “As an amateur fantasy writer, I would like to tell you a professional fantasy writer…”

Maybe listen to yourself and stop right there, my dude.

[INKS]: Perhaps, we clearly don’t know the whole story. But I didn’t see a sexist comment from what was provided. I’d rather not assume that someone is sexist, rather that it was criticism valid or not.

[Price]: *weary stare* Please go away.

[INKS]: Don’t know what I said to upset you but fair enough.

[Price]: The comment I was talking about wasn’t necessarily sexist. Your response implying my reaction was overblown or my experience of it didn’t happen, however, is the shit women in games deal w every time we say anything about our experiences, & you just used your one pre-block strike

[INKS]: I certainly wasn’t trying to imply that it didn’t happen. Your reaction in the first tweet (without further context) came across that their criticism, because they are an amateur, (their words) meant less. I would have responded the same regardless of sex or gender.

[Price]: Sure, dude. Now get out of my fucking feed with your assumptions and your entitlement to my time.

We have all seen this a hundred times by now, and no doubt readers fully expect to hear that Jessica Price suffered no setback or sanction for her very poor behaviour. Well, curiously, here is where the script flips on the usual narrative. Not every company is willing to nuke their bottom line to placate social justice harpies, and so Price was made to wear her consequences.

Just Deserts for Jessica Price

The poisonous left have converged upon any and all HR and writing positions withing mediums, such as film, comics, ‘journalism’, and of course vidya. These mediums are being increasingly colonised by SJWs–in the West, and these repulsive reptiles have been becoming increasingly comfortable in these positions. They fancy themselves untouchable, and in many cases they are – but on occasion they are not. In some instances in very rare situations a company will still care about customer service, even at the expense of their woke employee’s destructive virtue signalling!

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!
[PICTURED]: Peter Fries.

This week Guild Wars 2 writer Jessica Price has been sacked by ArenaNet for ferociously attacking the game’s players on Twitter. Even more hilarious is the fact that fellow Guild Wars 2 writer Peter Fries has also been sacked for white knighting her! ArenaNet was just like ‘not so fast, soyboi’, and cut him too! These cultural Marxists had become so comfortable in mistreating their customers that they had become especially brazen about it, and now ArenaNet has BTFO’d the both of them. This is how things are supposed to work in a capitalist market, but it is by no means a given.

Guild Wars 2 was released back in 2012. It currently has all the players that it ever will have, and if the company chases these players away then there will be no further players coming along to bail the company out. This by itself is not necessarily a safeguard. Lucasfilm thought nothing of chasing off Star Wars fans [and now the films lose money]. Marvel Comics thought nothing about running off comic book fans. Player Unknown was only too happy to throw Battleground players under the bus, and the legacy version of 2001’s Runescape thought nothing of banning subscribers for disagreeing with the forced insertion of a Gay pride march into their fantasy game. ArenaNet is different from these companies though, as they have made it clear that they still care about retaining their Guild Wars 2 playerbase.

Recently two of our employees failed to uphold our standards of communicating with players. Their attacks on the community were unacceptable. As a result, they’re no longer with the company.

I want to be clear that the statements they made do not reflect the views of ArenaNet at all. As a company we always strive to have a collaborative relationship with the Guild Wars community. We value your input. We make this game for you.

Big respect for ArenaNet!


  1. I wish–I really do wish– that I liked the Seiken Densetsu series, because then I would be well-served by Squeenix’s rediscovery of that franchise. But I don’t. So I’m not.

    Meanwhile, they dance on the grave of Final Fantasy with hobnail boots.

  2. No politics but s’noob politics! Also, I enjoyed the first couple Seiken Densetsu quite a bit, so more news on the franchise should only be good news, but we’ll see.

  3. No politics!? We are told not to speak of politics! It is super warm in my room right now.

  4. The 3d art put me off buying the Secret of Mana remake, so I hope SD3 looks better.

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