TSM Episode 490: A Citizen of the Stars

A ship for citizens.

Download Link: Released 2018.07.16

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB conduct an audit to discover if any friends or family members have recently purchased star citizenship, only to find out–to their very great dismay–that there may well be celestial citizens on The Day Tonight staff itself!


  1. Why would anyone give any more money to that bloated mess?

  2. I have Robert Fitzgerald’s translations of Illiad and Odyssey, and comparing the two I think they’re about the same quality. Maybe Fagles’ lends itself a bit bitter to Illiad, as Fitzgerald’s to Odyssey. Have you read them, any thoughts? I have some of Roche’s translations of plays too, which are great. It’s so important to find a good translation, as it’s a very difficult art and so varied in its results.

  3. @Tanzen: If I am remembering correctly, Fitzgerald is pretty dated. That’s not to say that it is bad, but rather that it has less of a focus on accuracy than more modern translations. This is notable in some places more than in others. Also, if I recall correctly, Fitzgerald is less interested in preserving the ‘feel’ of the original metrical style and prefers instead to get it into something closer to what a reader of English verse might ordinarily expect. With all that said, I last read the Fitzgerald translations when I was in high school, if I recall correctly, so apologies if I do not recall it rightly.

  4. Oh no. Oh dear. Calyx, why would you do such a thing?

  5. That’s great, I’ll keep your opinion in mind if I ever get to compare them more thoroughly. I’m also digging Octopath Traveler quite a bit. I don’t usually describe things as “gorgeous,” but it definitely applies here. The music is excellent and battles are fun. I read a review where they dashed some salt on the story/writing, but it’s perfectly like what I’d want from a 16-bit (or 2D 32-bit) RPG – it’s not supposed to be Witcher 3 or even Final Fantasy VII, just a fun romp.

  6. @Reetin You can’t get something which doesn’t exist.

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