15 comments on “TDT 1.111: Undertale”

  1. This looks like a pretty good game that Lusipurr refuses to give a chance to.

  2. She tries to kidnap the main character and brainwash them. She’s disgusting.

    ‘Won’t give a chance to’ on a full playthrough lol okay

  3. I should show this video to my son. He likes watching playthroughs of this game.

  4. It’s not PG-13. I couldn’t advise it.

  5. The hatred is present before the game even starts! Every little thing that any other game might do that wouldn’t bother you does a thousand times over in this one! this is going to be a long playthrough, even though it’s only a six hour game

  6. @Durga: “I like this game so your criticisms of its manifest faults are unjustified” there, translated that for you.

  7. At least make sure you do the genocide run. Which you can miss if you don’t kill literally every enemy in the game.

  8. @RabidKitten: I seldom run away in RPGs unless it is necessary to avoid dying, so no worries!

  9. Well sadly its kind of annoying the way its setup. You have to trigger all the random encounters, each is unique, but they don’t all trigger in each area for sure. I think you have to do this before beating the boss of each area (would have to confirm this, not sure). This of course changes the game considerably toward the end.

  10. Okay, that sounds tiresome and it is not something in which I am even remotely interested. Sorry.

    My purpose in writing a review is first to play through the game and review it as one would if they were just playing it normally. In other words, I’m not going to do some kind of special run for which I’ll need a guide, and which would not be representative of the experience a normal person would have just playing the game as they find it.

  11. My comment has less to do with me liking the game and more to do with the fact that you were mad the second it started before anything even bad could have possibly happened! and your annoyance continued no matter what happened!

  12. @Durga “you were mad the second it started before anything even bad could have possibly happened!”

    I’ve watched someone play through most of the game before. I know what is coming. Don’t be obtuse.
    “your annoyance continued no matter what happened!”

    No, it didn’t. Watch the stream.

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