TSM Episode 491: A New SaGa

...with none of the unusuably thoughtless design!
All of the polished non-linearity of a SaGa game…

Download Link: Released 2018.07.23

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB enthuse about the latest release in the SaGa franchise–Octopath Traveller–with its polished and innovative design that sits neatly alongside SquareSoft masterpieces of the SNES era. But then Lusipurr opines about Undertale.


  1. A buddy of mine gifted me Undertale for Christmas a few years ago, when it was still pretty new and hadn’t built so much of a following… I played it one day;for a couple hours, a little past where you got on the stream, and thought it wasn’t bad (but certainly no Earthbound). I remember there being more battles than you had on stream, for some reason. Well, I’d read that it was better if you didn’t fight the enemies, and being able to compare my experience witb yours, I think it actually is. The challenge (though still light) is in talking the enemies out of fighting you, kind of like demon negotiation in Shin Megami Tensei games, while doing the bullet-shooter-defense thing. I fought the goat lady though. So that was my one experience with it. Instead, I’d suggest a game from Ludosity called Princess Remedy In A World Of Hurt (as opposed to Princess Tomato In The Salad Kingdom) if you’d like a retro-styled RPG-overworld plus shooter game.

  2. “I DON’T LIKE SPAM!!!”

    Princess Tomato is actually not bad, as far as those old adventure games go. It’s no Shadowgate, but it was competently made. And it is full of visual puns, which is clever, I suppose. I’ve never heard of Princess Remedy, but from the title I would have assumed adventure game, not rpg/shooter.

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