TSM Episode 493: Bored Games

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Download Link: Released 2018.08.06

Lusipurr, Imitanis, and Calyx discuss the latest exchanges between the worlds of interesting video games, expensive collectible card games, and boring table-top board games, with recent offerings including Gloomhaven, Artifact, and Horizon Zero Dawn.


  1. @Lusipurr: True enough, but there are times when I want to play board games with friends. I can’t explain why, but they are not interpretations of video games thankfully.

  2. Chess? I guess chess can be a video game and its debatable if digital chess is better than real life chess (accurate chess clock, net play etc, easy state save etc). I don’t know if Magic the Gathering is considered a board game. I played Magic Online for ages before selling my online collection and I think real life magic far superior to digital magic (this may be related to how awful online magic’s interface is).

  3. @RabidKitten:

    Chess is not a board game! It is The Game. All other human games are just aspirations back towards Chess, really. Even Final Fantasy, or Cricket for that matter, is just an attempt to replicate Chess as seen through a glass, darkly.

    MtG is a CCG rather than a board game, but it was a pretty good one. I enjoyed it a lot when it first came out, but subsequent rules revisions and additions (and power creep, and a decline in the quality of the art and writing(!), and so on) really undermined what was a very solid experience. I tried to come back when 9th came out (played competitively for a bit, still have my white control deck), but it was a shell of its former glory. My wife persevered a bit longer, until about 3 or 4 years ago, but then she packed it in. Her younger siblings followed suit a couple of years later.

    I remember the online interface to the original MtG online and it was terrible–like an old Win 3.1 application. Looking at pictures online I see it hasn’t changed a whole lot (although it has improved. Slightly).

    As with all Valve games Artifact will be interesting regardless of whether it takes off or not. DOTA 2 never really took off to the degree of LoL, but look at the way in which its innovations have been taken up by other MOBAs. I expect Artifact to do the same, even if it isn’t very good–some of its ideas may be implemented into Hearthstone (the only other major competitor, really).

    Also: why isn’t there a PKMN online CCG? Riddle me that!

  4. @Imitanis: Not going to pick up “Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game” then?

  5. Lusipurr: There is a Pokemon Online TCG, You get codes for packs in each pokemon card pack. My son loves Pokemon, though he doesn’t really play the TCG, he just likes to collect the fancy foil cards, and play the video games.


    Also, Congrats of the 2nd kid, I got 2 kids as well.

  6. @RabidKitten: Thanks!

    I’ve NEVER heard of the Pokemon online CCG, but that makes so much monetary sense that it just has to exist.

    Also, it looks better than Artifact and MtG Online.

  7. Calyx is my favorite new employee. I hope we can keep her around for a long time.

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